Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A tale of two strange nights

Quite strange indeed.

The first night, Monday, was ANZAC day, a dual Australia/New Zealand holiday. Went to a BBQ at Mez's new home and got quite drunk quite fast, but I strangely ended up not eating anything...

Then, we went to Hoodoos for a proper Anzac night, were I kept drinking. After a little session making out with Mez, I ended up on the dance floor dancing with two funny girls, I think their names were Jorjia ("With two jays!") and Steph (really not sure about that one...), they were in town for the night only, leaving at 4AM. I again ended up making out, this time with Jorjia while dancing. Dirty dancing. Mez came to tell me we were about to leave for another club, but then I kind of forot to leave and stayed at Hoodoos by myself, with the two funny girls of course!

We then decided to go back to my place, had to get rid of an Aussie mate harassing Steph on the way and they decided to stay longer and leave at 8AM...It was definetely looking good. We then arrived to the staff accom, where Corey, Divo and Fred just saw their dying party brought back to life by the new feminine blood getting into the house. It meant they invited themselves to my room for a gigantic smoking session. It was a lot of fun, I saw my previous life, through my pictures, judged by strangers and we laugh a lot...But it was not what I was expecting. It was apparently not what the girls were expecting either, they decided to take the 4AM bus, after smoking a lot, a lot of theirs, mine and my friends' pot. I got a nice kiss goodbye though. Farewell!

The second night was completely different, but also a lot of fun. While at the ANZAC day BBQ, I saw one of my front desk colleague, Susan. She has a 6 year-old son, Aaron, a really funny, intelligent boy. So, a result of being quite drunk, Thomas and me promised the kid we would go to his place the day after to help him build his Hot Wheels Slimecano race track. We kept our promise, I ended up building that really messy and cheap-looking thing that will probabbly get her mom pissed quite soon. I actually ended up building one of his Mega-Blok sets (I hate Mega-Blok, those LEGO rip-offs!) and putting his telescope together. I think her mom took advantage of Tom and me! But it was fun, the kid reminds me of my little sister that I miss so much. And we got a few beers for our painful efforts. (I am apparently a fucking beer-whore...)

As for Susan, I must admit I saw a totally new side of her. No, don't start to imagine your MILF scenarios, it's just that she's is a late 30's mom, you couldn't have a more normal-looking mom. But she showed us pictures of her early 20's, when she was a punk in London, England. Man, she was looking incredible, so different, so sexy, an incredible mohawk! Then, when she came back to Canada, she became a model and I have to say she was quite stunning! Talk about a surprise! A great night, but really not anything I was expecting from my little stay in Banff, hanging out with a 6 years-old and her mom, building race tracks and helicopters...

Tomorrow's my last day of work, I've been training people all week, so it was quite an easy week for me. I intend on tomorrow being as nice and relaxing. Then? Well, I'm partying non-stop until my depart on Saturday, 10:45AM. Will try to post before leaving Banff, or at least on my way to Sudbury...Because after then, my posting frequency will be reduced to once a week. Time to go enjoy the great weather and some street-hockey action! Go Habs Go!


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Matthieu rants...

Hey man,
comme tu peux voir j'ai rien a faire a job à part que d'écouter la super station de radio Psedo-Jazz-médiévale-contemporain-pop. qui joue dans mes oreilles depuis mon retour dans le merveilleux monde de l'étau-mobile.

Je m'ennuie de cette spotanéité que je lis dans tes post. Toi tu vas chez une femme de 35 ans pour jouer au méga-bloc avec son garçon de 6 ans. Mon vieux slaque un peu sur l'herbe, tu manque de belles oppurtunité laisse moi te le dire.

Les femmes dans la trentaine sont tout près de leurs peak sexuelle. C'est correct de te mettre chum avec son kid ça augmente tes chances mais merde il faut passer a l'action un moment donné. hi hi

En plus tu rammène 2 filles chez toi et tout ce que tu fais tu leurs montre des photo de ta vie.
Math tu agi comme mon grand-père, come on... Ou sont passer tes instinct de survie? Ils faut se reproduire Math la race des québécois doit se propager. Aller et répends cette bonne nouvelle qu'est ta semence.
Il faut faire preuve d'altruisme et faire don de soi. Coup donc ou s'on passé les belles valeurs de ton enfance à Flashingwoods....?

Je crois que l'Ontario ne sera rien pour t'aider. Si tu as de la misère à frayer en Alberta tu vas oblier tes fonctions génitales en Ontatario. (j'ai glisser le mot tata au milieu...) Quoi que la dernière fois tu y avais trouver une compagne...heummm bizarre celle-là je ne l'ai toujours pas comprise. Pour moi le femme l'fun de l'ontarion demeure un mythe.

PS ne vas jamais vendeur de char.

C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire mon Math. De ton Matth.
Signé Matth

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