Sunday, March 13, 2005

Banff, Alberta welcomes Tupperfan!

Thank you, I appreciate it(You should have seen the crowd)!

Well, it's 9:20PM here, 11:20 Montreal's time. Been here since 3:30 this afternoon, walked around with my shitload of luggage, discovered town and crashed, exhausted, at the YWCA(I know...) around 5 for a long-awaited shower and a real meal! Might go for a beer tonight, met a few people in the bus as said previously, but also new people in the bus from Calgary to here and at the Y...The people are great!

Might have found a job for tomorow night if nothing works too fast with the Banff Center or any other hotel, the Safeway is apparently hiring a lot of night stockers and I have experience in that shit. Apparently, you might even work the same night. Well at least I don't have to worry about that; in Banff, if you don't have a job, it's because you don't want to work. My worry is a place to sleep, the Y is $28/night and it's roughly the same in any backpacker hostel(Jee, I guess the prices changed a lot in 4 years...$15-$18 my ass!). So I need to get a job that includes a bed, in other words, I need to get a hotel job! So I won't go to bed late tonight, I have to get up early to find something...

About the place, well, it's wonderful, mountains surrounding the small town(but they are blocking the view a little ;op) and the people splits between middle-aged Canadian or American tourists, Japanese tourists and young travellers, a lot of them Australian or British (and a fare share of French-Canadians too I must admit, three girls I met in the bus were from Montreal).

Just wanted to say that my bus ride was enjoyable, far less boring that I thought it would be and...profitable! I got $5 richer than when I left! I found $10 on the ground, a cashier gave $5 too much in change(I'm usually honest about that, but I was short so...Okay now I feel shitty about it!) and I spent a $10 in total during the ride. Cheap ride! Also got a trick from a guy in my dormitory, I actually thought about it but didn't have the guts. He said that you buy your bus ticket 2 weeks in advance(I bought mine a week before), but you take the bus the following morning, they never check the dates! Great plan, I'll do that when I'll have to come back to Sudbury in a month and a half.

That's all for me, the Internet is expansive at the Y. I also wanted to thank everybody that promised to mail but didn't(you know who you are). I don't really care anymore(less than the time spent writing about it), it's just that I get more personal news from a stranger in Salt Lake City! Thanks Charlotte, hope you had a good trip in California! How were the games?

Will post in a few days, hopefully from my new hotel/job. Time to hit the shitters to get rid of Ronald's crap...(Hmmm, poetic!)


At 12:31 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

Hey! We lost to CSU 13-6 but we beat UCLA 16-9. It was a pretty awesome weekend.

And I'm WAY flattered that you like my blog!


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