Monday, March 14, 2005

How to get job(s) in Banff...

Step 1: Walk to stores and hotels
Step 2: Give resume and fill application form, talk to manager
Step 3: Start to work

I got 2 jobs in Banff today, the first one at the Safeway supermarket as an evening shift stocker (4-5 hours daily...) and the second one at the Voyager Inn (where a friend worked a few years ago). Finally took the second one for a few reasons:

-The pay is better
-Full time
-Staff accomodations ($5 daily, not too bad)
-They didn't ask me to shave my beard(Safeway did, fuckers!),it's trimmed and clean anyway!

Technically, I could work both but was it my plan to come to Banff to be a workaholic? Really...Treeplanting in a month and a half will be hard enough, I'll keep my energies and enjoy the place a little.

They asked me for the highly fashionable police check though. It is supposed to be illegal, but with so many people applying around, employers do have the advantage. A lot of places ask for it here, the worst is, I have to pay $20 for it. I have to pay to prove I did nothing wrong, isn't it crazy? Man, I approved loans in a bank and they didn't even ask for that! I also applied to the Banff Center, a beautiful location and it would be the perfect job, but they take a little more their time to look through applicants, I can't afford to wait so fuck them!

So tonight is my last night at the Australian Embassy (A.K.A. the YWCA - There is a shitload of them among staff and guests, great people though, a Foster's mate?), I have to get up early to go to work and then move my stuff to the Voyager. Look forward to be settled in. The plans for today? Well, I'll go around, eat something (I ran all day), get the police record at the RCMP and might go for an early beer...We'll see.

Feel like I'm forgetting something but cannot tell what so it'll have to wait until next post. Given my post frequency, despite promises of the contrary, I'll probably post tomorrow about the first day of work.

P.S: It's incredibly warm here, around 10 to 15 degree celsius, I wear my t-shirt outside! How cold is it back in Montreal? -10? Hahahahaha!


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