Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To boldly go where every Quebecer has gone before

So it's been a while! Sorry for the delay, guess I lost my 3-4 readers(Hey hello Charlotte! Thanks for the nice comments, but your blog do rock! So listen other 2-3 readers, go read hers, she's in my Blog links)! It's been a crazy week and I honestly didn't have any money, time, and yes, will, to go post on the blog. But I paid $5 a month to a roommate/co-worker to use her internet and I'll be again able to blog frequently! Yeah!

So what happened this year, well I don't want this post to go forever so I'll try to be brief. here's a typical day this week:

6:45 AM: Wake-up
7:00 AM: Start to work
3:45 PM: Back home
4:00 PM: Nap
7:00 PM: Dinner
8:00 PM Start boozing and dancing
4:30 AM Go to bed

Well, it's been an average, there is a day I didn't sleep at all before getting to work and two where I actually did go to sleep before midnight(secondds before...). In the last 8 days, I've worked 7, partyed 6 and I had a lot of fun.

The staff accomodation where I live is split in two, the front is mostly english speaking, the back mostly french. I live in the front, with a roommate, J-R: a great funny guy reminding me of my favourite cousin (apart for the colour J-R added...) from a town, Bernieres, near Quebec City where I lived when I was about 10yo...Small world! I was also able to make similar connections(common friends, places) with other people, incredible! The French ghetto being the party place, I usually stay there for most of the evening/night/early morning. I actually speak french more frequently here than in Montreal when I was living with "The Artist formerly known as My Girlfriend".

Banff is not part of the "real world"...Drugs, crazy here but I kept to the usual pot(Some people are on ecstasy evey night!!!). About sex, well let's just say that men do have the advantage being selective here and that promiscuity is the way of life. In the staff accom, well, we could say that everybody is really friendly...Jee you told me about that...but still, it is a little surreal! (Okay, I admit, I'm sexually-obsessed) When are you coming here? We'll have a blast!I can also add, beware fragile eyes, that a girl on e will take a long, very long time to come...

As for people here, they are great but in dire need of being appreciated and listened because most of everybody here don't care about anybody but themselves. Thet want to be listened, appreciated and liked, but they don't want to do the effort. Here, people are ready to do ANYTHING to be liked. If you listened to them, they'll love you and you'll fit in so easily. Never got so many strangers to confide to me in a week! But they are great people.

Another thing here, everybody is fleeing from something or searching for themselves. The problem is, they are so busy looking for it than they don't have time to find it. Everything is dangeroulsy devoid of emotion here, it must remain at the first degree. Don't come here to fill your heart, come here to empty your brains and balls! Too much partying, too much easy, meaningless fun that you just put your worries in the back of your mind, me included I must admit. Guess they'll all come back when we leave, but I don't give a fuck, I actually needed the change and it feels great, the mountain air does clean your mind!

So that's about it for now, time for a nap and then a nice meat fondue and wine with the Francos. Will post soon! Will also try to post pics!

This post almost went forever but well, what can you really do about it?


At 8:10 PM, Blogger stretchism rants...

You're a trekkie?

Almost allows me to forgive you for saying French-Canadian.

What does a Canadian of British descent call himself?


Thankfully, am Canadian. Full stop.

But Star Trek rules, and I mean the ORIGINAL 60s Trek!

At 10:26 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

so wow, you're busy eh? i'm really flattered that you like my blog so much! however with what's going on right now - you should be calling your blog "sex and canada"!


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