Sunday, March 27, 2005

What you leave behind...

Hey, happy easter everybody!

My only day off this week, slept pretty well! Before getting to anything else, I think I might had a few problems with my e-mails, a few of you might have got a e-mail with a title and no text...There is a text, usually a long one painfully written over extended periods(okay, maybe I'm stretching a little there...) so please write me back and I'll try again...

So I was reading my last post again and I'm sorry I went too far in the details, but it reads pretty much like what I felt when I posted (and I was toking a little, which didn't help). Today, I relaxed a lot, had fun yesterday and am ready for my next week at work.

As for the title of my post, just a reference to all I left behind in Montreal. Some friends have not been updated for a while and didn't know what was happening whatsoever with me, so it was time to do catch up today. There is also people that I left behind both physically and poetically, like the "Artist Formally known as My Girlfriend" and "My Friend with a Viking-Sounding Name" that also happened to be a really good friend of mine...

A thing that sucks about him: How can you believe that somebody is really your friend and cares when you confided to him about your relationship, he advised you to break it up and then a few weeks later jumped on the occasion to declare his attraction to her? No, really, I would like an answer there! Would be great to get his, but he just doesn't have the balls to face me and explain! So I lost a friend and a business opportunity. Man it sucks!

I thought about that yesterday morning while cleaning the Hotel's Bar, not something I usually think about anymore but your mind wander when you work on your own all day. So it was my shitty moment. In the things you leave behind, there is also the Town of Banff. "Sex in Banff" (Canada is usually a little is interesting but I look forward to get to the next step, my real plan for the summer which is treeplanting. I can't wait for May 1st and see all the friends in the Nickel Capital of the world: Crappy Sudbury, Ontario! I mean, come on, how can't you be interested by that:

Okay, it might not be for everybody, but it is for me and I'll be back there soon!

About my actual job, here's a few pros and cons:


-I work without any supervision
-I have my method and my pace and everybody is satisfied.
-It is a mindless job, which is practical giving that my brain is usually staying in bed, still exhausted from the previous night...
-8 hours/day assured, in contrary to housekeepers that usually end up working half the day (yeah, I know, it is a con too!).
-Free tips in the Bar, money being scattered on the floor and close to the video lottery terminals. Not as much as what the housekeepers get, but it paid a few lunches...


-Being called "buddy" by hotel guests...
-Cleaning shit in the washrooms(literally)
-Waking up at 6:30AM (Sometimes actually just staying up...)
-Dealing with a bunch of teenagers from every province, in Banff for the National Juvenile Ski Championships who are turning the hotel into a major pighouse...Man I hate scratching chewed gum in the lobby!
-Cleaning the liquor store, seeing all those great wines and knowing that the paycheck is only next week. Sticking up to cheap Old Milwaukee or Black Label Ice until then...

Now I must leave you behind, for now, because it's time for a fresh episode of the last season of Star Trek: Enterprise (hello to every "British-Canadian" Trekkie out there, TOS was incredible but DS9 was the best!) and I'll try to get hold on some Easter chocolate, but I'll be back!


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