Monday, March 07, 2005

Wow! I had a blog here!

Don't know where this blog will end up but if the previous entry is any indication, I'll probably post again in 2008...

The reason why I'm starting (or restarting) a blog is simple: Two weeks ago I started to change a lot of things in my life. Some changes were imposed upon me, others had to be done reluctantly and I finally realized that some of those changes were not only necessary, but also desired.

When started in September 2002, this blog was supposed to be bilingual (English and French). Altough, my native language is french (I'm French-Canadian), I'll now keep it to english only for a few simple reasons:

A) I don't want to repeat myself twice everytime I post, mostly because I know I'll end up posting novel-length stuff here, and probably repeat myself enough in one language!

B) A lot of my friends are english-speaking only, and most of my french-speaking friends can read english, so if any of those end up reading my absurd babling here, well, most of them will be able to at least understand the words, if not what I meant. English is widely understood around the world, thus making this post readable for more people (readable doesn't mean it'll actually be read).

C) I'm already used to writing logs in english; I kept a journal for most of last summer while tree-planting (more on that later), and I wrote in english in order to share it later with my English-speaking girlfriend(that status was one of the recent changes in my life, now you have to add the prefix "ex" to it, and sometimes other prefixes also apply, but I'll try to keep it civilized...

D) I'll be able to improve upon my english skills...

Okay, already going crazy with details! I just want to add a few things before posting this:

- This is an adult post, written by an adult (officially, but sometimes I forget) and aimed to be read by adults (again, officially...). It is possible, once in a while, that my posts will involve mature subjects like sex, alcohol, drugs, politics, religion, fiscal matters and LEGOs. I'll probably swear once in a while, both in english and french, and probably in other languages too! If you're offended by those things, leave immediately...and don't write to me in order to try to change me! That includes you mom (I actually don't expect my mom to read any of this-- and I hope she won't)!

- As previously stated, english is not my first language. Therefore, mistakes of any kind, mostly typos, as well as sentences completely impossible to understand will probably appear in my posts in a frequency that cannot be known for now. I'll be more than happy to get one's suggestions and/or corrections, but don't tell me that my grammar or syntax sucks just because you're bitter. I know I suck, I'm trying to improve, but ultimately, I know I can express myself and I do know how to spell "Fuck You!"

- This blog is intended mainly as a way of expressing myself and keeping track of events as they unfold, since it's not always possible to tell someone and because I like to write and record pieces of my life. Of course, I'm a little exhibitionist (and probably egocentric) and enjoy people reading about what I live, despite the fact that I'll probably be the only one reading those posts. Besides, your lives are at least as interesting as mine, if you have to focus on one, take yours!

- I have a strange sense of humor, highly absurd and self-delusory. I also have the bad habit of "consciously" making bad jokes. Sorry in advance!

- About myself, well I'll just say that I left my job at Bell Mobility (A Canadian cell-phone company), that my girlfriend and me broke up our three years-old relationship and I therefore left the appartment we shared in downtown Montréal, Québec, for a temporary, one-week long stay at my father's home in the suburbs (I'm writing from there right now, this post being a result of boredom, mostly), all of that in the last two weeks! Friday morning, March 11th, I'm leaving for Banff, Alberta, at the other end of the country. I don't have a slight idea of what to expect or what is awaiting me there! And that's great! I was sick of the routine, of the never-changing shit and of stagnating like I did in the last three years(If not more!). I'm 25 years-old and would like someday to be a novelist. I would also like to start a student bar/restaurant.

That's about it for an introduction. Will post soon!

3 days before leaving for Banff (roughly, a 56 hours bus-ride)!


At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Volunteer Editor Canada rants...

30 min ago | | Canada

YouTube Video explains why Dion a Hard Sell & why Harper wants to put even more - Culture in Danger

YouTube - Culture in Danger (Culture en Peril, with subtitles)

Having met with Dion over a the years & been in Quebec many times, etc.,

we can understand the problem of Marketing Dion in Anglo Canada,

especially to those who have NEVER been there or exposed to French Canada in Ontario & Beyond ...


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