Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cella frouchta chech balbino!

What the title means? Absolutely nothing, but it's part of a song written in a non-existent language by my friend Maxime. It was hilarious because we were four people in his room, english and french and we all thought we could understand some of it, at least while on pot, but no, it doesn't mean anything...

The same night, two nights ago, the other moment was when a really stoned houseman (me) tried to make his bed, laughing and mostly struggling hard, in his new personnal room in front of 6 housekeepers laughing their ass off...Yeah really funny! Cruel bastards, nobody helped.

So Pierre, Max, Gege (Genevieve), Benny and Marie are leaving tomorrow for "The Valley" in B.C. Have to send a few boxes back to Quebec for Benny on Monday because the Greyhound shipping offices were closed today when we went. Please someone remind me, I'm sure I'll forget and end up sending them 5 days later. I'll also have to look for the exact schedule to get to Sudbury, they gave me some info, but I forgot to ask about the transit hour in Sault.

We had a great party to celebrate the group leaving yesterday, we went in the woods and did a huge fire. There was 15 of us and it's thanks to me and Fred that everything happened. Some people being personna non-grata at the staff accom now, they couldn't come for the party inside. As for the people inside, they didn't really want to go to the Pump n'Tap, a local british pub. So we used our incredible people skills and power of persuasion and got everybody to an already prepared site for a campfire. Good thing the police or park warden didn't get us, don't really want to use my future treeplanting earnings to pay the $10,000 fine...Don't worry, we extinguished the fire and cleant everything thoroughly, we do respect nature, just not ourselves...It was really fun, we took a shitload of pictures and videos, a friend will email them and I'll post a few. On the personnal level, it was also great, a lot of people telling their appreciation of our friendship. I said it before, you make friends fast, most will vanish as fast, but I think a few will remain. There is people that can get you on the spot, you'll relate to them and it will be mutual. I like the way people see me here, they respect me and have a lot of confidence in me even though I've been here for only a month. Benny's request to ship his stuff and give me some money to pay for the shipping is an exemple among others. It doesn't mean it wasn't the case in Montreal, my friends there are incredible and they do trust and appreciate me, at least enough to read this shit, but my last months there warped my vision of things, I felt some people were not what used to be anymore.

Wanted to say something on the Pope edit I did a week or so ago, it's not unanimous, it's 2/3 of the Cardinals that must reach a consensus, it's still a lot of people to agree with and a long process...

Tonight, I'm going to the Pump with the exiled (Benny and Marie) and tomorrow morning, I'll give my two-weeks notice. Can't wait for treeplanting. Can't wait to leave. Don't want to leave. Soon, I'll probably don't want to treeplant...Frouchta!


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