Saturday, April 09, 2005

The City on the Edge of Memory

So I was supposed to post the day after, nice try Tup! Basically what happened is that I was asked by job to go work that day because they were short, but when the morning arrived, I realized I really didn't want to, so I called sick on my day off to make sure I wouldn't work. Stayed in bed longer and couldn't go on the net because the Laptop owner was at work...

Anyway, today is my first of two consecutive days off that won't be interrupted by a request to work my ass off on a day off...It's also my first day off with money. Last two nights I went to the Aurora night club, in both cases I danced all night and had a blast, in contrary to most of the others clubgoers that only think about looking everywhere and try to get laid. The second night, last night, it was a lingerie party and (I already see the grins on the faces of the people used to my stupid exhibitionist party behaviour, you're right, it happened), I ended up wearing nothing but my boxers and doc's boots...It was a shitload of fun and you're sweating far less, mostly in a place where you can't smoke and bodyodours are soon to surface...

As for how I feel, I would say really good, my present life completely took over my previous life, I don't feel I can relate to a lot of what I was living just 4 months ago. My past is becoming memories, nothing more than a sidenote on what makes me what I am, but the past is not my present and continual source of concern anymore and haven't been for a while. Fucking good thing! But I'm glad I somewhat kept in contact with people that matters and it's not because your life changes that you have to deny your friends, well at least the ones that really are! Talking of that, I made peace with an ex-ex-girlfriend. We had a frank talk on MSN and we were able to finally figure out some shit left unattended for too long. I was glad to do that, it felt good and I'm happy we are friends again. We have been friends first for almost 10 years now, but we almost didn't talk in the last 3 years due to a fairly complicated situation. As Charlotte wrote on her blog days ago, there will always be a part of you that will still love an old flame, if it was important enough. Some people are too important to leave behind, they'll always keep a big place in your heart, even when you thought you forgot them.

I promised myself this post wouldn't be too long because it's already late, people are soon to be back from work and I'm going to hike a small mountain with friends. So the plan is, I'll try again to post tomorrow but no promises. Until then, party hard and safe, you know I am!!!


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