Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sin City

Banff is Sin Town, I think you know that by now. But Sin City, the movie, is incredible, loved it (How do you call Sin City inhabitants, Sinners, I guess. Banff residents are called Banffites, isn't it ugly?)! Will have to buy the DVD and check those graphic novels out! Go see it, it's worth every penny!

As for the rest of my life, well, as promised, I went to climb Tunnel Mountain last Saturday, the smallest mountain around, the closest one too, and a beautiful place to get drunk with friends on shrooms. On our way back, a friend, Dev, and me ran down and it was quite fun despite the stupidity and danger involved in running down a mountain. Since then, we played a lot of street hockey and football, but there is far too many cars in the small streets of Banff, we were interrupted every minute! And they call the place a National Park!

Yesterday, I went to the Rose and Crown, a local pub after a friend told us that Jean Leloup, a great Quebec musician was playing guitar with friends for fun...It wasn't true, but the band was good and the bass player, a Quebecer, did look like Leloup. Most of the week was quiet on the party level, got drunk once this week, but so early that I passed out drunk and stoned in my bed by 8:30PM!

Tomorrow night, there is a huge party to honour people leaving on Saturday, and I'm off the day after. My Magic Eight Ball answered "Indeed" to the question "Will I have fun acting stupid and getting drunk tomorrow?" Okay, I lied. I don't have a Magic Eight Ball, and I don't think "Indeed" is actually one of the answers...Nevertheless, it'll be fun!

I'm moving in my new room tonight, a single room so I won't have a roommate anymore. Not that I had any for the last two weeks, since J-R was fired. Well, I actually had one, Dev, but he prefers to sleep in the back with a friend. So now, I'm moving to the back, it's a little ridiculous since I'm actually leaving Banff in a little more than two weeks and will give my notice in a few days, but I was getting a new roommate today anyway and two weeks in Banff can be a long time, so it'll be nice to have my own room!

Marie-Eve got fired this week after not showing for work for two days. She was about to leave with some other Quebecers for the Okanagan Valley on Saturday, but it resulted in her and Benoit, another guy fired two weeks ago, being kicked out of the staff accom. They were able to hide in the house for a few days but they were discovered and they went to Edmonton for a few days, waiting for the others to finish their week. They should be able to survive until then, Ben won $2,700 at lotto Super 7. But it sucks because I enjoyed Marie's company. Life goes on, mostly here, as said before, people are in and out of your life in a blink of an eye, but they were almost your best friends during that blink.

A shitload of people left since I arrived and they are replaced so fucking fast, three people were hired today, one yesterday. Half of them are Quebecers, no girls though, damn! But on that note, some housekeepers from the other staff accom on Banff avenue have to move to ours to make room for the new bellmen and frontdesk people, they are mostly girls so it'll change the mood a little and it might be interesting, well at least from my deranged point of view...Fuck I'm obsessed!

Already leaving soon for treeplanting, don't look forward to leave Banff but look forward to the planting, money, friends, parties and beer and pot under the tent. Want to see a really exhausted planter after his last day? Here it is:

I'll have to go see for my bus ticket soon, have to schedule it right in order to arrive in Sudbury before 12:30PM on May 2nd, but not too early either, don't want to get there in the middle of the night! I also have to meet up with a friend along the way, she's taking the bus in Sault Ste. Marie, so it will have to be well-planned. I'll also give my two-week notice on Saturday, will do it properly because I'm planning to come back here in August, after planting. Heard they greatly appreciate my work, so it shouldn't be too hard to get the job back at the end of the summer.

Enough boring babbling for now, will post on Saturday.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

i loved that movie! i actually think the inhabitants are called Basinners ... becuase they live in Basin city - they pass the town a couple of times in the movie.


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