Friday, April 29, 2005

These are the voyages...

Done work.

Leaving tomorrow.

Realized I had $175 in my unused account. I'm a rich unemployed soon to be homeless! Yay!

Two Banff Voyager Inn employees (excluding your devoted poster) ended up the boozing night in jail yesterday for disturbing peace. One by telling the "pigs to fuck off" and the other doesn't remember but his clothes were soiled with blood, so he might have killed somebody, hehehe. My hotel have a great reputation, and as you can see, it's well deserved. Cheapest rates, a staff that changes every week, and the craziest and loudest staff accomodation in Banff. Security is having a hard time with the house, what won't be accepted in other places really can be considered as a "quiet" night in ours.

Going to party soon, just decided to come write one last post before leaving. If I have to reflect upon my stay here, my behaviour and even my posts, I have to say it has been pretty paradoxal. Sometimes, I acted as a complete idiot and I was quite dumb. At other times, I was in complete understanding of others and myself and I was almost a wise man. But most of the time, I actually thought I understood, but I didn't, or I was judging others while doing exactly the same. Never said I wasn't still learning, but sometimes you think you're so over that, and you're just not. That's where I am. Still with me? Well, just wanted to say that I've been right and wrong in what I posted here over the month, in matter of my personnal opinion, but I stick to it because it's what it felt like to me. This is first and foremost a journal, I'm writing down whatever goes in my mind or in my life, to remember what I've been doing and thinking. It'll be great to read it again in a few years, and see how my perspective and experiences have changed since then.

So what's up tonight? Pub and club crawl, seeing as many people as possible, a few goodbyes and getting everything ready. Then, probably not sleeping, cleaning the last shit in my room, giving the keys, bedspread and uniform back to the hotel and getting all my stuff in a grocery cart to get to the bus station...Then, two whole days of bus comfort, including a quarter of that time in the great Ontarian forest! Bought plenty of books, so I should be good for the ride and for the treeplanting book club, counting two members for the moment. I thought I had more to write and whine about, but I can't think of anything fast enough to write it before my internet café account expires. Remind me that I have to increase the strenght of my imagination muscle, (Somebody with a good imagination can talk about everything...and nothing!) but also my brain-to-finger reflexes.

Banff, Alberta says goodbye, but not farewell to Tupperfan! (You should see the statue they'll erect on Cougar street, I just had a glance at the drawings, it'll be quite stunning!)


At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Matthieu rants...

.....ouff je viens juste de finir de rire. Comme ça tu te pars un club de livre de transplanteur d'arbres sans m'en parler? Comment ose-tu? Ca l'air de bien marcher déjà 2 membres, toi et ton ami imaginaire, j'imagine ! Ha les staff acom. tu me rapelle de vieux souvenirs (Banff 1997) A ce que je peux constater les policiers de Banff sont toujours aussi actifs, entre 23h00 et 5h00. Le reste du temps ils sont couché car il n'y pas de trouble de l'ordre public dans la journée. Je doute fort qu'ils connaissent d'autres infractions au code criminel que celui là.

Je suis en train de ré-orienter ma carrière de vendeur de char vers chauffeur de camion (poids-lourd)
Depuis le temps ou je rêve de me fouiller dans le nez au volant tout en gardant l'air professionnel...

C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire mon Math. De ton Matth.
Signé Matth.


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