Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 days!!!

Wow, almost done. Only 10 days (and one day off in 6 days) of planting to go. Can't wait for my little vacation in Montreal!

Last week, I said I might have fucked a second camera while drunk in Sudbury...Well, yes, I did fuck it up, but I was able to exchange the camera without hassles. So, third camera in two months!

Our new, and last, campsite is beautiful, we're surrounded by two stunning lakes, a wonderful beach by my tent and enough wind not to be bugged too much by flies of any kind (I hate flies, apart from the Dragon and Butter ones...)

Won't write much more, I didn't sleep a lot last night and I just smoked a huge bowl, will just post a few pics, soon, I'll be back to normal posting habits anyway...


Adam, me.

The greatest feeling on earth (for bald men...). Cody and me.

My crappy piece, full of shit.

My crappy reaction to the piece.

Kenny doing the human flagpole, again almost killing himself...

Mark, Chris, Tim, Adam, me and a part of Cody's head

Laura, me.

Part one of the stuntman tequila. Tim and Kenny sniffing the salt.

Part two of the stuntman tequila. Tim and Kenny after the lime juice in the eye.

Part three of the stuntman tequila. Tim and Kenny: The aftermath.

A shitload of planters.

Birthday free beer. Didn't pay a penny for alcohol at the bar, but got quite drunk. Got a few free beers, then started to randomly take full pints off tables. Great night.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

aw, why thank you! seriously, you take some pretty awesome pictures, stop breaking your camera!


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