Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another week down! Three more to go. It was a hard one, seven days shift, hot and humid as hell. It got to 35 degrees (celsius, Charlotte. In farenheit, I think it's about 90 or something...You americans will have to get to the rest of the world's standards one of those days ;op), it's almost impossible to plant, you end up with a headache every day. At least there's an incredible lake at camp. There is also the deer flies, bigger than a deer, buzzing around you all day and therefore, driving you mad as hell. The worse is that you can't kill them, if you do so, you'll get their pheromones on you and an army of them will swarm you. Nice stuff.

In the other funny stuff that happened this week, I've been chosen, along with Kenny to do a plastic mission. Shortly put, we had to go, along with Domtar's (our client forest product company) representatives to our two last weeks planting locations and get the trays and cassettes used to store the trees. Bandy, our camp supervisor paid us a room in a crappy motel because we had to stay overnight pretty far from camp(about 250KM). Webbwood, the town where we were staying is barely inhabited, merely 300 people living there. So at 9:30PM, after watching Family Guy while getting baked, we got the munchies and went on a mission. Sadly, the gas station and the general store (yes, a general store!) were both closed, so we figured out the motel had a vending machine. Nope. But here's the fun part; There is a strippers club in the motel, so we got there and asked for chocolate bars. The stripper/waitress said no, but she had chips, nibs and sweet tarts...Candies in a strip club!!! So we ended up buying nibs and sweet tarts from a stripper and we got back to the room, stoned, laughing our asses off!

It was my birthday two days ago, and Kenny's one yesterday so yesterday night off in Sudbury was great. Didn't get that drunk in years. Kenny got a great visit from his girlfriend, she came up here from Toronto just for his birthday. she's a great girl and they make a nice couple...Useless to say that we didn't see them that much yesterday...

No pictures this week, no time and I'm in a public library (it's free!!!). Anyway, following my Sudbury drunken tradition, I might have fucked up my second digital camera...I'm a retard! But it's not too bad, it doesn't LOOK broken so I'll go back to the store, it's still under the warranty and I'll exhange it...No ore drunken picture time, despite the great pics I took last night.

Bought Green Day's Amercian Idiot yesterday...A great album! I was grinning like a fool, while listening to it last night, at 5AM, on the toilet bowl, drunk and stoned. (Despite appearances, I'm not sketchy, okay!)

I look forward to be done the contract, to see friends and familly and enjoy the comforts of "civilization" and relax. Changed my biking plans, might bike to New York instead...shorter trip. Hello to everybody; Brooke, Greig, Denis, Jee, J-S, Matthieu Toupin, Mathieu Ouimet, Oli, I don't have time for emails this week, and I didn't read any forums or blogs in weeks. Will have to update myself after planting...I miss you all guys! Write to me!

That's about it for me, time to go buy food and get on the bus for the trip back to the hellhole I call home. I volunteered for reefer duty, meaning unloading trees from a 18-wheeler truck(Did I write about that earlier?). Since it's a day off, we'll get paid $25, for basically half an hour of work...$50/hour, not too bad, eh?


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

thanks for the clarification on the temperature ... they teach us conversions here but we never use them.

and since you bought the CD you should know - we all are idiots.


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