Monday, June 06, 2005

When hell disguises as paradise

Hi! Don't have a lot of time to write, I know it sucks since I didn't post in a while, but the days off are actually full of stuff to do so it'll be a short one.

Broke my camera two weeks ago while being drunk in a hotel corridor, was still able to take pictures so there is a few one below, no captions, sorry, no time. I bought a new one today, will take care of that one for sure!!!

We went to a great location for our camp two weeks ago, beside a beautiful lake, wit canoe and paddle boats at our disposition. The only problem was that the land was the shittiest ever seen. Even my crewboss actually said at one moment the piece (treeplanting lexicon in my next post...) I was planting was the worst she had ever seen!

Now we moved to an ugly logging camp location beside a nice enough lake and a train track...It is just great to be awoken 3 times a night by a train, whose driver I swear do it on purpose to honk the horns as many times as possible.

As for anything else, still work and party hard, having a blast. I made $300 in a day this week...Not too bad.

Will go back to Montreal for 2-3 weeks after the contract ends at the beginning of July. then, I don't know yet but I might bike across the country to get back to Banff...Not sure yet, could be a crazy plan but it sure would be fun. I might do ti with two treeplanting buddies, but even if they bail out, I'll still might give it a try.

Now, random pictures time, bigger pictures available here. Will write in 7 days.

Meese's (He tought the plural form of moose was meese...hence the nickname) tent down for the 5th time...

Trailer trash Kenny...he shaved the mullet two days later.

Trays of trees and a delivery truck...

Our beloved transportation...

Johnny Pro at work...


A shitload of butterflies...

Camp #2 view from the paddle boat...

That's it. Later.


At 12:42 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

Gosh you take awesome pictures!

At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Matthieu rants...

Salut vieux comme ça tu reviens au pays début Juillet? Cool lache moi un call 514-927-0657 on va prendre une 'tite bière ou possiblement deux.

Wow merci pour les belles photos.
Elle semble bien acroché la miss avec le percing dans l'nez.

Nouvelles régionale de Montréal: nouveau record 8 jours au-dessus de 30oC durant le mois de juin. Du jamais vue depuis que les données météo sont complier.

J'adore la photo du réservoir d'eau municipale de la ville natale de Shania Twain. Wow je crois bien que tua s de bonnes chances pour le prix pullitzer....

A bientot



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