Thursday, July 28, 2005

All Our Yesterdays

I again went for a beer at my favourite pub, the Ste-√Člizabeth, this time with Amy, my ex-girlfriend. I didn't know what to expect from that meeting. I got a email a few days ago and decided to tell her I was sick of the games, the paradoxal messages and taking two weeks to reply. So I let my phone number and told her it was up to her to call. She did so this afternoon, I had something tonight, so we went for a late afternoon beer.

The talks were strange and of course a little awkward, but we mostly pulled it off. We were able to talk about some issues and also about nothing. Thinking back on it, I might have tried a little too much to not make it awkward. Since she did look a little shy and afraid to talk, I talked about a lot of unimportant shit, but not wanting to stay too long on those uninteresting subjects, I kind of rushed those discussions, making it a little worse, I think. Whatever, it wasn't too bad overall.

We then went to her place where we smoked a bowl and then made contact with Lars. It went well, no awkwardness showing, but he was quick to jumb on the pipe! We also didn't talk anything too intimidating, just tree-planting and summer in Montréal. I still feel like something with Amy is unresolved and I tink I sensed that she felt the same way. I left around 8PM, shook hands with Lars, said it was good to see him, I don't think he answered, and I had a big, nice hug with Amy. We'll see if we can be friends for real now.

After that encounter with my recent past, a shitty part of my past to be honest, I went back to Laval to see Carolyne, and two of her friends. We were supposed to go to the movies, but apparently, I called too late and it was my fault if we were not to see anything tonight. Always me! Mah...

So we instead went to a coffeshop for, well, a coffee. Tea in my case, I can't stand the taste of coffee, but the smell is great, I would love to just sniff grains, if it was allowed in coffeeshops! Carolyne's two friends were Peter, her best friend, and Vicky or Figi, as she goes for her summer camp job (Carolyne is working in summer camps since a little after she was born, hers is Dali...) and I had a great time, as usual, with Peter, laughing at Dali and Figi summer camp's chat. Their talks were almost as good as treeplanters talking business. I also had to listen to Caro telling everybody about our life together or mostly, all I did wrong, when I was an asshole or a liar or both. Sometimes Peter was filling in, and Vicky already looked like she knew some details. Great! The past giving me a punch in the face, again!

I also must admit that Vicky is cool. I might not be really cool in her eyes with the reputation (as desserved as it might be) Caro built for me, but we still managed to have a great discussion while I was driving her to Carolyne and Peter's appartment and, later, back to her house. Look forward to see her at Carolyne's party on Saturday. Note to self: You can't start anything involving feelings right now, you're going back to Banff in a few weeks. Understood? Yeah! I didn't plan any emotionnal shit, I said she was cool, okay! For fuck sakes conscience, why won't you go piss off? I'm supposed to be the one telling you wh... OH, FUCK OFF!!!!!!

What was that? Time to go deal with my other personalities...Wow, going to bed at 3AM, that's my earliest in 2 weeks!


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