Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Boredom leads to thinking...

Thinking leads to memories.
Memories leads to SUFFERING!

Just kidding, memories leads to OLD PICTURES FOUND IN MOM'S FILES!!! Here they are, for my own pleasure. I guess you might enjoy them too:

Maternal Grand-Parents, Céline and Guy. Then.

Grandpa and Grandma, now, with the bro. Nice smile, Olivier!

Fishing at Grandpa's corporate cottage in North-Eastern Québec with some of my mom's sisters and their families. Dad is the green-shirted man, mom is the white-shirted, well, woman (makes sense, doesn't it?). I'm the kid pretending to be tough (I was still the tallest!!!). Brother is the stiff kid in the gray shirt. Speaking of shirts, wasn't early nineties fashion incredible?

Olivier, 3 years-old, in front of our house in Bernières, a Québec City suburb.

The same kid, 16 years-old, picture taken 4 years ago when he graduated from high school (A reminder to most of you, non-Quebecers: We graduate sooner in Québec, but we still have 2-3 years of CÉGEP to do before getting to university, 4 in my brother's case...Not that he's not a genius, he just took his time, as many classes as possible, and as many of my parents money as possible...)

I went biking tonight. It was great, but I realized that my body, despite being in shape, is not in cycling shape. I guess the last two weeks of doing mostly nothing didn't help either. Nevertheless, I went along the magnificent Mille-Îles (Thousand Islands) and St-Laurent (St-Lawrence) rivers shores and I saw a few great 250 years-old or more houses, as well as a perfectly restored windmill, dating back to New-France. I think I'll go back this week. Being a history maniac, I would love to have some of those buildings and landscapes in pictures.

Time to go to bed, my legs are sore. Maybe I'm just getting old? Nah!


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

you weren't the one taking those pictures huh ... jk! my grandparents are always sending my dad old pictures, i love real black and white photos ... i don't know why - it's an odd obsession. i really love taking those old fashioned pictures where you all get dressed up and it's supposed to be really lame and it is very expensive, but so much fun!


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