Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just woke up after 4 days sleeping!!!

*Yawn* I am pushing it a little, but I slept a lot, and saw a lot of friends! Hence the lack of entries in the last days. I'll probably post a huge one tomorrow, but I just wanted to post this link to a fellow treeplanter's blog. He's planting in Fort Nelson, British-Columbia for another company and it is different enough to give experimented planters a new take on the thing. I guess it also gives another point of view to treeplanting virgins...

Oh, and while being there, here's a few more pictures, taken by Laura. Quite impressive:

Laura, Adam and me and our crew bus.

I honestly forgot about that! Snowy, freezing early May...

Is there hope?

Kerri and Laura and their radiant smiles.

The circus is in town! Camp site #3, heavy logging and train freight area.

Kerri and her nalgene bottle.

Moonlight at Twin Lakes.


Anyway, that will be all for tonight, might be time to go to sleep, again.


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

GORGEOUS pics, simply gorgeous.


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