Friday, July 08, 2005


Yep, I'm at mom's now. A few days ago, I tought I would end up at pop's, but the brother squatting in the basement kind of fucked up my plans and I didn't really feel like camping in the backyard after all.

Anyway, my mother's boyfriend appartment is well located and he is a great guy so I don't mind at all. The best part is that they're leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I'll have the place for myself...until Sunday, when Gaétan's (That's my mom's boyfriend name, not that I thought you didn't guess, guys, it's only that I always have to assume you're total dumbtards, just in case) daughter will be back from her camping trip. It might be a little awkward, giving the fact I don't know her at all (saw her twice), I had to ask my mom her name this afternoon. Two complete strangers living in the same family house. Thanks a lot, serial monogamy parents! She'll probably hate me for squatting at her place...and monopolizing the computer.

Will try to go back to J-S' tonight, if he can call me back to tell me what we'll do. Not that I care, really, right now I just want to do mindless shit, probably get drunk for no reason and have a good time with my good old buddies. Talk about high expectations! (EDIT: I'll stay home tonight, saw BASEketball in the DVD collection. It'll be great to watch this classic again, for the billionth time!)

Time to post a few new pics from planting, enjoy!

Fiona and me, got my cap stolen, it was replaced by some flagging tape...Damn Heidi!

Last morning of planting. Less stressful than usual.

View from my tent at the last camp site. Isn't it beautiful?

Twin lakes beach, just down the hill from my tent.

Sunset at Twin Lakes, it looks like a Québec healthcare card:

Okay, maybe not that much...

Three members of the mustache club...Nick, me and...hum...John Doe (Not sure if it's his real name...)

The shirtless mustache club...applying to be Super Troopers. Nick, Tim, Burton, Me, Luke, Dane.

Does it mean they're late?

Kenny, the bus, the bush.

Kenny back from Webbwood, on our special plastic mission.

Kenny's usual attitude and Jeff on the Days Inn's roof in Timmins.

Okay Adam, I won't take your picture again...

Come on! That's ridiculous! Kenny and Iain.

I swear, people do respect me!!!

Kenny getting what he desserves...

There you go, Iain!

Yay! Girls!!! I'm so excited! Sara, Chelsea, me and half cut male heads.

Awww, they are soooo cuuuute!!! For your info; Nick, on the right is 6'2"...How tall is George? 6'6"!!!

Yes, I planted in that green shit! A surprise hornet's nest inside!

On the way back, between Timmins and North Bay, a farmer's field. So different!

Back from planting, at J-S' place. Seriously, don't piss me off and give me a Coors Light! (I ended up drinking Heinekken)

Okay, I think that's about it for now, seriously, this page will take hours to load! Two last ones before leaving, please compare both:

Incredible, years later, and still the same dumb facial expression when drunk! (And always an ugly hat too!) Grow up dude!

Time to go grow up. Later!


At 11:22 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

seriously now, you should be a photographer. thanks for being such a great fan of my website!


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