Friday, July 08, 2005


There! Finally!

Seriously, the time between finishing the contract on late July 4th (I'm late but happy Independence Day Charlotte!) and getting out of the bus on July 7th morning was incredibly interminable.

So now I enjoy some rest and relaxation at my friend J-S' place. Why there? Well, it was the closest place from the bus station, we arrived at 5AM and I knew that he had to wake up early for his job (actually, he had a golf tournament, so he was up even earlier...A golf tournament...Some people are getting deep into the bourgeoisie!). I'll probably go see my mom today and move my stuff to her place, since she's going on vacation on Saturday, but I'll probably come back to J-S' to squat for the weekend, and thus be able to see most of my friends over the next days.

How do I feel? Damn, I'm glad I ask! I feel so fucking good being done and having nothing planned for the next month (well, mostly nothing...) I do feel tired a little, but that will go away quite fast with the procrastination diet I'll religiously follow within the next days.

This post is not done, I'll be back...


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thank you!


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