Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still in Timmins, goddamn it!

We planted one more day than expected (we wrapped yesterday, July 4th, I'm independent now!), then we packed camp today and we are staying in Timmins for the night before being dropped in North Bay. I could have taken the bus to Montréal tonight, but there is a difference of 60 bucks between Timmins and North Bay so I decided that a cheap hotel room was better than $60 to sleep on a bus...

I realized this week that Timmins stand for TIMber and MINeS(EDIT: Utterly false theory!), the two main industries of the town...So clever, isn't it? The beauty of the name reflects the beauty of the town. It is worth noticing, I guess, that it is also the hometown of Shania Twain. She sang her way out of here!

Won't say much more tonight, just can't wait to do nothing for a few weeks in Montréal! I might bike to NYC with two treeplanting buddies, but I'll mostly do nothing for the next few weeks...

Will do a longer post tomorrow, back in my dad's basement (The brother apparently took over, I might have to sleep in my tent in the backyard...Oh well, nothing new!) and I'll be able to post the final treeplanting pics.

Until then, don't drink and read about the Ramones...Mostly if Peter Wright is around!


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