Sunday, July 17, 2005

You are cordially go fuck yourselves!

Just kidding, please don't fuck yourself, it usually looks a little dumb!

Yesterday, I had a few beers (and smoked a bowl, leading my friend Matthieu to kick a metal pipe on a wall in downtown Montréal, under which a rat had found refuge. It was hilarious to hear a stoned Matt explain to the police car it attracted that he was kicking the wall "because of the mouse"!!!) with a few friends I didn't see in a while, it was great. Thanks to all for coming!

This afternoon, I went to play hockey with a few friends. We got our ass kicked. We were mostly "air-hockey-playing"!

We then watched the bi-weekly fireworks at J-S' place. It was France's turn and to be honest, they didn't live to the "world competition" expectations. We did better on the Days Inn's roof in Timmins! Here's a few pics, I know they suck, but they almost made the fireworks look better!

We then ended up in a quite cool bar I never been before: Baloo's. It's a punk/ska/hardcore place and there was a band playing tonight, Vénus 3. It used to be a popular ska band in Québec and, their 15 minutes being up, they are now back to playing covers in bars. Honestly, I didn't like their original stuff, but I was quite impressed with their musical and singing skills. The girl can sing anything but she seems to love No Doubt, and mostly Gwen new shit a little too much (A classic punk-looking girl singing popish hip-hop...Hum). She's also the worst skanker ever. She looked like she was "air-ladder-climbing"(If you didn't get it yet, I'm extending the air-guitar art to new possibilities...) It was still really good though!

I also had a great conversation with Yannick, the least-known of the infamous Giroux brothers.(What? You don't know them? Oh right, they are my friend's friends...) We talked about almost any kind of science during the evening. We ended up sitting on a corner in the gay village, talking sociology while eating the worst pizza ever.(Man, that place is crowded!!!)

It's 6:30AM and I really should go to bed instead of posting insanities on the web. When masturbation lost its fun...


At 1:32 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

were you really talking Sociology, or was that a typo ... because i'm a soc major at the Uni down here!

love the pictures as always!

oh, and just buy some new pictures, don't worry masturbation will be fun again!

At 3:32 AM, Blogger Tupperfan rants...

It was a typo, we were not talking Sociology, but Baseball. Just kidding, we were indeed, on the most crowded corner ever (at least at 4:30AM), talking Soc.

That's great that you majored in Soc, guess it explains your new blog...I almost took Sociology myself, but ended up in PolSci...Stupid choice.


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