Monday, August 15, 2005

Shore Leave

I'm leaving for Banff on Wednesday morning. I look forward to be back there, but not that much either.

I feel numb. No strong emotions of any kind. Don't feel passionate about anything righ now and I would say it sucks if I felt like it did...Well, I know it should.

I felt like telling the details of my last days, but it just isn't important. I should tell when I'm doing extraordinary stuff I feel like sharing, not all the boring tidbits of my ordinary life. Apart from me, who cares about that? And nobody should, get a life if it's the case!!!

I'm not really pissed, I'm just too lazy to post. Besides, it's true I shouldn't post about trivialities...I wanted to post about that movie for fuck sake's, talk about shit!

I was supposed to go hang out with Greig and Brooke tonight, but I came back from dinner at my dad's too late to go out. I'm too tired. Sorry guys, I'll try to find a way of seeing you tomorrow...No promises, I suck at those...

Allright, I'm out of here, I'm tired and it's only 12:24AM, I'll finally go to bed early! Maybe being tired might explain the way I feel, maybe leaving everything behind, on hold, again...



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