Monday, September 12, 2005

Forced post

Jee told me to post more frequently, so I'll try.

I'll start with a little suggestion, or for the sake of playing with words, a tip...

When you stay in a hotel, please leave a tip. I'm not saying so only by self-interest, but mostly because the non-tippers are usually the dirtiest bastards around. I mean, we clean your shit, sometimes litteraly, why not leave a little loonie on your way out? Mostly if you smoked in your non-smoking room, because then, you might have to pay a $50 fine instead of a buck or two...

The worst is when the same dirty bastards are complaining about everything on the comment card but saying that Housekkeping did a great job or, worse, they write N/A beside that section. If we did such a great job, why not some consideration (Not that money is the only form of consideration but still...) and if you wrote N/A...Who do think cleant your room and made your beds? Fuckers!

Okay enough ranting. I usually don't talk about that anymore, but I had a great night with a girl a few days ago. I'll say it because it's been the best lay I had in a long, very long time and it was funny. The people I know in Banff are in average 19 YO, that girl, Sandra, was 27 and I can tell there's a huge difference! We actually start talking to each other thanks to our age, since we were at a 18 YO girl birthday party. For J-S' sake, she was calling me Lex Luthor, thanks to my hairless head. For you see, Sandra's also a Smallville fan and loves Lex!

Time to go get my identity back...Tomorrow, Tupperfan's hiking Mount Norqay!


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