Friday, September 09, 2005

I lied...

No time for a long post...again.

Time for some more pics though! Some shitty ones I might add...let's just say I was drunk...Here they are:

Cascade mountain from a little garden on Cougar street (my street).

Cascade mountain through the clouds.

Here's my palace!

Going to work in the morning...It does help to get there.

Raclette night for Rémi's birthday, with his dad as a guest. The pic sucks, sorry, I was high and it was on the 10-seconds delay shit...I think Rémi's dad didn't notice that most of us were baked...

Second day of raclette...since we bought far too much! The second time's a charm! Jean-Daniel, Stéphane, Rémi, Sandra and our lone English-Canadian, Geoffrey (He's bilingual, a rarity among english-speakers in Banff). You can see a few of us sporting the classy Banff Voyager Inn housekeeper's uniform!

J-D (He got bit on the butt by a Grizzly while sleeping in the forest a few weeks ago, he became a star!), Mr.X, Mistey and Phil in front of the Aurora nightclub.

Me doing a perfect parallel with my cart an hour ago.

I just want to add that security got my pot and pipe yesterday. Those fuckers will probably smoke the "evidence". Got a speech from Kirk, the hotel manager, but he ended up getting my point. The security officers aren't there to maintain peace and order but are looking for trouble... Need a new pipe and some new shit. It's quite expensive, as everything else here, but I think I might get some for $45 a quarter...

Time's up!


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they took your peice!!? lame! nice pics!

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