Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hockey Nation

Tonight was the return of NHL hockey! Yay! And the Habs won 2-1 against the Bruins! Hooray! Great goals by Bullis and Ryder! Saw the game at the Elk Pub because I was hungry and there's no food at the Pump and Tap. And we don't get RDS on the cable here. Shitty.

So why didn't I post before, been a while eh? It's because I now have two full-time jobs: 40 hours at the Voyager (I've been promoted supervisor. In addition to my housekeeper, supervisor and houseman duties, I'm also staff accom manager, replacing Rémi while he's in vacation in Montréal. Don't worry Rhyms, everything is under control here, never saw the place that clean and we got new furniture! Those guys from Québec City never stop, and there is 2 more of them now!) and 32 hours at Keller Foods where I am a grocery clerk as well as a delivery man.

The delivery part of the job is actually neat, driving around town in a good old Dodge van, seeing great vistas of the surrounding mountains. Hey J-S and Jee, I'm delivering quite often at your Banff center...It's pretty nice up there! The grocery part is quite boring but hey, the ones who have known me for a while knows that I'm used to that. Just realized it's my 10th year working in various groceries...Happy birthday! Fuck...

Here's a picture of me proudly posing with my truck...

So why two jobs? To buy a laptop and a car. I'll probably will work at Keller's for no more than 2 months. Managed to go out a few times, but it's actually good that I'm working that much, I'm a little tired of the scene and I'll save even more money!

Nothing else to add for now, just wanted to say I'm still alive, I'll post again within the very next days! Oh and I really want to see that Serenity movie! For those who don't know, it's a sequel to Fox's Firefly. A great sci-fi show by the Buffy and Angel's creator but that didn't make it in the ratings wars. For J-S sake's (Want news man, been a while!), I saw Smallville's new season premiere and it was quite excellent I must admit. Hope you saw it man!

Here's a few more pics before leaving:

My new U.S.S. Enterprise pipe that was taken by security but that I was able to sneak out of my boss's office (along with the security report) the next day (Man I was pissed that night! That cost 80 bucks you know!)

And that's a pic of an Elk on my street, Cougar. I also saw a wolf a few weeks ago. When I took the picture, I was quite close and it's not recommended, since we are in the mating season and the males are aggressive. The look he's giving me makes it clear I should actually step back, which I did right after taking the photo.

Until then, time to go build my newly acquired Lego set! There wasn't a lot of choice, but the pieces are good enough and it'll look cool as a display for now...


At 10:50 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

you got your peice back from security AND The repot? brilliant!!! great pics as always, take 'er easy with those jobs!

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous rants...

Y'était temps batinsse!

Je commencencais a me demander moi la. Après Banff tu reviens direct ici ou quoi?

Tout va pas pire ici la, entrevue pour Desjardins demain puis me suis trouvé un nouvel appart. Donc,déménagement d'ici 1-2 mois!!

donnes moi des news plus souvent mon amiii!


At 9:19 PM, Blogger Smallman rants...

Nice blog you have here!

At 2:55 PM, Anonymous Matthieu avec 2T rants...

Salut bon p'tit torieux,
Maudit chanceux tu roule avec un beau Dodge blanc 1989, y'en a qui savent se placer les pieds. J'ai pas envie de faire attention a mon fransais.

J'aime bien lire tes commentaires riche en niaiseries.
Pourquoi que les français ont choisi la poule comme emblème nationale...? Au moins un castor ça se débrouille et sa batit des trucs ,mais une poule....!

La photo de toi avec une méga pipe j'avoue que tu me déçoit. Tu n'est plus le Mathieu que j'ai connu dans l'temps des foins.
Maintenant au lieu de faire les foins tu fume l'herbe, la vie est drolement faite parfois,.:=

Qaund cé tess que tu reviens dans l'bout?

At 5:59 AM, Blogger Scott rants...

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At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Erménégilde Desbiens rants...

Vraiment belle la photo du wapiti, dire que ça chie comme une chèvre. C'est à dire en milliers de petits glossettes aux raisins.


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