Sunday, October 23, 2005

A message to spammers(sp?)

You know, the little message to the right telling you to send me emails about penis enlargement and shit...It wasn't really serious. For fuck sakes, I get almost a comment a day about it now!

Listen fuckers (I know you won't, but it feels good to rant anyway!), if I needed a bigger dick, I would go see a trusted medical specialist (who would probably laugh at me), not Mister Unknown Shithead Stranger who sells untested, unproven sugar pills on the web!

And what about fucking penis enlargement anyway? I mean, 90% of males have a 6" dick or about. Sure, a few inches more is nice, but you should have plenty of stuff to satisfy a girl (or a guy). If you don't, it's probably not the size that is the problem, it's you! Learn how to please the other, listen to your partner, read books about sexuality and for shit sakes, be creative once in a while!

Of course, some men have micro-penises, those guys could definetely use some help and confidence boost. But it's a minority and it would be a better idea to go see a doctor. As for myself, I have a micro-penis and it isn't that bad, girls can talk in it! A MICRO penis, don't you get it? Ah, forget it!

So what's new Tup? Not that much. Tired, still working two jobs ang getting closer to buy that damn laptop. Then, work a little more to buy an old van and then fuck the grocery! So, of course, working 72 hours a week doesn't give me much time for a life and therefore for interesting stuff to tell. I can say that I've slowly became friend with one of the girls I've been hanging a lot with recently. We do those huge meals and have a great time and you could tell there was that thing slowly growing between Isabelle (Well, yeah, of course that's her name, what do you think it was? A cereal brand?) and me. I'm pretty sure it's not love, but it isn't only sexual attraction...Might be just a really good friendship, I don't know what it is. It might actually be that I'm slowly getting out of the fucking expectations, the "needs". All that selfish shit that usually transorms the original exchange into a fight to get the other's love and that always ends with one draining all and moving on to the next person who can give love, and the other empty, not even having what he or she started with.

The ideal relationship is not to make one with the other, it's not to complete or feel fulfilled by the other, it's to become more than the sum of the two individuals. Two fulfilled persons joining to become...infinite? (That post was written over a quite long period while I was chatting on MSN, a few of the previous thoughts come from that conversation, which was itself inspired by the thinking I've been doing in the last month)

But what I wanted to say is that what was doomed to happen happened and we ended up in my bed a few days ago. Decided to call the morning off from job#1 and to enjoy the time. We finally went to sleep at 10AM (I was supposed to go to work at 7AM). We we woke up at 3PM (I still had to get to the second job) and there was a little surprise...There was a huge amount of snow on the ground!!! And yet, it was quite mild. Strangely, despite the weather being that good, the snow is not melted yet. I love the mountains! All the weirdness of this place. Can't wait to move on! Hehehe

Time to go eat some pizza!!!


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

wow. lots going on huh? well the top part totally cracked me up AND it's true, learn how to use what ya got!

and for the bottom part, good luck with Isabelle the cereal girl (hee hee) and the snowy mountains!

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Matthieu de Longueuil arrondissement Brossard :( rants...

Tabarnouche marlouche ton texte mé moi,(du verbe émouvoir)assez songé lorsque tu parle qu'un couple devrait être plus que la somme des deux individus. Faut croire que l'air des montagnes d'Isablle te fait du bien.

Pis ne t'en fait pas si tu dit que le fait de travailler 72 heures/semaine t'empèche d'avoir une vie sociale ou d'avoir une relation amoureuse, le gouvernement lui t'aime en tabouère, à moins que tu travail au noir mon ti-père.

Maudit Canadien anglais niaiseux, ils t'on vraiment prit au sérieux pour les médicaments et les techniques d'élargissement du pénis? Pas fort ! Mais il faut dire que c'était prévisible, surement une majorité d'Ontarien.
Même à Wawa ils ont l'internet donc...c'est ce qui arrive dans ce temps-là.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous Le maire de la ville rants...

Dire que ça fait depuis 1996 qu'il n'y aucun habitant de recensé à Baie-des-chaloupes

Signé: un des 2 habitants de Lac-Bazinet


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