Monday, November 07, 2005

Going down in style!

Hey! I just quit the grocery job! Feels so good!!!

What's up here? Well, as usual, a lot and nothing. Apart from Remi, Stephane and me, everybody at work didn't work for the Voy for more than 4 weeks!!! And I saw Remi and Stephane being hired in late April. I have to say that the new bunch is great, well balanced between girls and guys (It wasn't the case before, we were a sausage club), great workers and fun people. A shitload of fun! I am now permanent Staff Accom Manager of the front house, the one mostly populated by girls, which means a cleaner house. When we want to party and get a place filthy, we go to the back. Works well with me, and I get free rent!

Been going out a lot more in the last week, mostly due to the fact that I was only working 16 hours at Keller's...Gave me more free time at night. We also went sliding on a really nice hill between Norquay and Cascade mountains. First time we didn't have any equipment nor good clotes. On the second night, I got myself a pretty cool outfit, as well as some top-notch sliding equipment...a cookie pan!!! Here's a pic:

We went around town to find decent stuff like Crazy Carpets or GTs(3-skis) but, you know, Banff being a mountian town, there was nothing like that anywhere! The Home Hardware guy said he would get some next week...Can't wait!

Me and Remi decided to go down the hill with a tobbogan and, well, you have to picture the hill at midnight, with not that much snow, which means a lot of rocks and wood...We were going downhill really fast and then, the tobbogan stopped...Not us. We rolled down the rest of the hill, while laughing and yelling ouch at the same time. Remi even rolled over me.

When we finally climbed back up after not finding the tobbogan, the others had a nice bonfire with beer and all. Remi and me decided to literally throw ourselves down again, this time just grabbing each other jacket and rolling down. Remi puked. Either from the beer or from the rolling or both. Great night!

That's it for me, time to go waste time elsewhere!


At 12:46 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

bonfires and beer, the stuff that makes life important! congrats on quitting the job!

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At 4:10 PM, Blogger Diana rants...

Congrats Quitter!


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