Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Image in the Sand

Today is picture day. Enjoy and you are authorized to laugh:

The Housekeeping Department French Connection. There's a few people missing(Stéphane, Steven, Valérie), but here they are, from left to right: Caroline, Mélissa, Francis(with Caro's finger in his ear), Patrick, Rémi, me, Jérôme, Tania, Étienne, Tanya and Éliane.

Rémi in the office, Do Not Disturb. My version of that pic was just too ugly for this blog.

Okay, I promised myself never to self-censor, here it is, dammit!

Tania, Steven, Mél and Stéph at the Aurora Night Club.

Tania, Valérie and me...smiling a little too close to the camera.

Steven (Stiti) enjoying the tobacco machine. Him and me might have wasted 30 minutes playing with the candy and tobacco machines, not putting any money in, just pressing buttons and being utterly fascinated. Yeah, we were drunk.

A group picture taken a few weeks ago...Don't remember the names...Just kidding, in the usual order: Stiti, me, intimate with Pat, Jérôme's ex(I don't remember her name, didn't work with us), Rémi, Thomas the real French guy, Jérôme down there with his huge hicky, Stéph, Frank, Val and Mél.

My room's picture wall, mostly pics you saw at one time or the other on this blog.

Here are the duct taped Docs I talked about a few posts ago. They are holding pretty nicely

Marie and Isabelle.

Isa waking up, messing with my cam.

No comment...really, I won't comment on that. Why should I? there is nothing I can say about this picture, I probably wouldn't be able to even write one sentence about it, imagine elaborating. Really, don't bother. But it does remind me of
Jay from Kevin Smith's various movies.

That's it for me, time to go get the paper version of those pics at the photo lab.


At 12:49 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

yay pictures! love em!


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