Wednesday, November 16, 2005

In Banff, inevitably...

(Again, it's not only stuff I've experienced, but also things I've observed.)

-The first question somebody will ask you will be: "Do you ski or snowboard?"

-You'll see a newly arrived Quebecker that will hear you speak french and say: "Hey, you're a Quebecker!!!"...Everytime, everyday. They'll think you're an asshole for not being social...They'll get it later. You did it yourself.

-You'll come here with, among others, the intention of learning english, but you'll hang out only with Frenchies. If you had the luck of knowing enough english, you'll start losing it.

-You'll never be able to watch a movie you rented because of the 15 people in your Staff Accom living room that will comment on everything. You might be the one starting it.

-You'll become best buddy with somebody you barely know.

-When your best friends will leave town, they'll also leave your thoughts.

-You'll have sex with a stranger.

-You'll fall in love with somebody you barely know.

-When your love will leave town, she/he'll also leave your thoughts...maybe...She'll be on your MSN Messenger list, it doesn't mean you'll chat with her.

-A girl/guy that said didn't want anything serious will come back on her/his thoughts and make you reconsider your own "bachelorship" (B-4...You sunk my Bachelorship!)

-You'll buy alcohol directly at work, thanks to the hotel liquor store.

-You'll drink.

-You'll drink the day after.

-And the day after.

-You'll drink a lot.

-You'll do drugs.

-You'll spend as much money as you made, no matter how much or how little you made that week.

-You'll eat shit, or not eat at all to save for beer, drugs and cigarettes.

-You'll be having conversations with strangers, confessing deep shit and he/she'll do the same, only to realize both of you didn't listen.

-You'll forget about the mountains, get out of a building and be reminded.

-You'll pay too much for basically everything (except sex, Banff have a shitload of free sex...)

-You'll cheat death at least once (I might be pushing a little here, but it's true in my case).

-You won't get out of a small town for three months, only to get out three times in two days to get a RISK game.

-You won't find a RISK game in a 50km radius (Actually, you'll find all the possible versions except the classic one).

-You'll use the hotel's old 70's pickup truck that you just were authorized to drive to go get rid of the empty bottles and cans and then, why not, to go see for a RISK game again. You'll have more fun driving without power steering.

-You'll come back with Axis & Allies board game instead.

-You'll become a confidant, somebody people come to for their problems or to be listened because you're a little older and you actually listen (Most of the time).

-You'll become supervisor or even acting Head Housekeeper and one of the employees with the most seniority after only 5 months of work at the same place.

-You'll use your job's computer to blog because you're acting Head Housekeeper today. But you'll still do a great job.

-You'll love your time here, despite its (and your) flaws.

Time to go back to work.


At 1:25 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

sounds like you didn't do much! ;)

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