Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An eternity and a half

Hey, been a while!

Well, I guess it's mostly because I didn't have time, or mostly because I didn't want to waste my time going to the internet cafe.

So there is not that much new, we had our work's Christmas party, here's a few pics:

The party bunch. Mostly housekeepers, the bellmen and a few front desk agents. The next day, Conrad, the evening duty manager wrote a email saying that "the french did some singing and dancing and it was good". Of course it was, if not for us, everybody would have been gone by 10PM!

Frank, Jerome, Caroline, Tania, Val, Mel and me after the incredible dinner we had. Happilly, it wasn't done by our restaurant, but by a gatherer and man was it good!

Stephane, Mel, Steti, Pat and Wil, our houseman.

Etienne, Tanya, Frank and Tania on a well-centered pic done by somebody else(I think)

No it's not a speech, Remi is singing and Jerome and me are...impressed!

Judging Remi...a favourite pastime.

Yeah, well the intention was to all look angry or pissed off, but Jerome kind of fucked the whole thing up there. The upset gang includes Etienne, Pat, Steph and me.

Etienne doing the beatbox (He's good!) with Jerome and Remi dancing on the beats (They suck! ;op )

Old school. Me, Remi, Wilfrid and Remi. Housekeeping department oldest (In seniority that is...Altough me and Wilfrid are really the oldest), apart from our laundryman, Skip.

Speaking of Skip, here he is, unwrapping his 5 years of service gift (It's a watch). I can't believe he's been in the laundry for 5 years. He told me he'll leave Banff and the Voy on July the 26th for a destination still unknown. Skip is deaf, but it's actually easy to communicate with him. I got drunk with him las week and we had a lot of fun. Great guy!

The supervisors with our duty manager, Conrad. A cool and funny guy, he's also a RCMP officer so we try to keep the "grass" talks for other times...

Here's one of our two hotels, the Spruce Grove Inn. Most modern hotel in Banff (4 years old).

And here we are, Steven, Steph pat and me decorating a christmas tree for the Spruce's lobby. Note the wonderful supervisor shirts that Steph and me are wearing, along with "better quality" pants...I mean, we really convey our position, don't we. It clearly shows all our accomplishments!

A little funny thing about the party. We kind of did a mess, Wilfrid wrote on nice table clothes, we stole the remaining gifts (They were for the front desk agent on duty and the two night audits) and somebody broke a microphone (She's supposed to come forward with that but didn't yet...). I was able to get all the stolen presents back to the hotel and Conrad thanked us with a 12 of Coors light. People didn't get the lesson right though, instead of aknowledging that honesty pays, I heard a few, jokingly of course, say that we should stole more often! Hmmm...

Cristmas is coming fast, I don't feel that much into the season, at least not yet. I have to go buy a few presents for the gift exchange and for little sister. But first, I have to go deposit my pay cheque.

Time to go then!


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

oh you little rascals!! well at least you kept 'em in line! great pics, merry christmas and have a GREAT new year!!!


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