Monday, December 26, 2005

I survived another one unscathered!


Well, we had a great time on Christmas eve. The hotel gave us permission to have guests until 2AM (We, of course, went a little further but no incident to report...Well, one, but more on that later, see end of this post) so we had about 40 people at one time in the Back part of the Staff Accommodation. A lot of strangers among them but we had a blast!

Here's a few random pics from that night, mostly taken from Steph's camera, I didn't have batteries anymore(Beside, his camera is better...):

Our Christmas Eve Dinner. Raclette. We had two separate groups, one eating Fondue and others Raclette, both meals of Swiss inspiration. A big thanks to the Swiss! I think I can say objectively that the Raclette was much better! Here, Frank, Val, Steph, me, Jérôme and Stéti enjoying it big time!

Xavier and Dave hitting on each other. Dave came back from Fort McMurray, where he's making the big bucks but is bored as hell to celebrate Christmas with us. Him and his brother, Kaven, ended up in jail that night(Not related to anything that happened during our party)

The above-mentionned Kaven, one of the two St-Laurent brothers. They went to jail because they stole a high-price bottle of booze in a hotel (apparently worth more than $1,000), ran away and knocked off two security guards (the ones also coming to our staff residence)...Nice way to celebrate Christmas, no? Santa Étienne wouldnèt have given any gift knowing Kav would be a bad boy...

Still early in the night, group pic at the usual spot...

Stéph, Smoking Santa and Tanya.

That's our cheap, artificial tree. The name is Christobal, but it's not official.

Rhyms' turn on Dirty Santa's lap. We were in the middle of our gift exchange. Rémi was not yet completely drunk.

Skip, getting one of his gifts. He was a little too drunk though, so he struggled a lot to read cards and open gifts. Skip is great!

Getting my present. The wrapping was worth the pic! I got LEGOs, more precisely, the Tundra Tracker. The cool thing is, I wouldn't have got that one by myself, but the pieces are great! Thanks Xav!

Oh, you can see some people's eyes are harder to keep in line...Mel, Frank, but mostly Tanya and Jérôme are getting there!

A cute moment between Steti and me...

The St-Laurent brothers and Val.

There is more pics of that night, including wonderful ones showing how far Rémi was gone, but I didn't have time to upload them so you guys will have to wait a little longer for Part 2...

But I still have a shitload of pics, here's more:

Drunken people crashing Jesus birth...It would make a cool headline, no? No."

Thinking we're something else at the Aurora Night Club.

My signature Boys Band "cloud" move.

Frank licking his bottle. Steph looking at the ceiling (A quite nice ceiling, one might add).

Steti, Steph, me and Derek, the Anglo-Quebecer of the bunch.

The reason why we went to the Aurora that night. I know, I'm a perv (you knew it too anyway)!

The reason why I went to the Aurora that night...No comment...

Hey Myriam, there's a yellow pad slipping out!

"I'll give you candies if you vote for me!". I took the candies, but didn't vote for her. I'm not easily corrupted. Or, I am a fucking liar...

Okay enough. Too many pictures for tonight and my blog already comes too often in weird porn searchs on MSN and Google...

So, what was the incident? Well, I got my iPod stolen. It was playing music on the stereo with the help of the best gadget ever: the FM radio emitter iTrip. Kaven wanted to put his CD in so we stopped the iPod and it stayed beside the stereo recharging. A few minutes later, I went around and realized it was gone! Pissed, I started to inquire and search for it.

The result, people started a pot for me to buy a new iPod. I deeply appreciated the gesture, but I don't like when the honest people pay for the dishonest ones. It also pissed me off because Steti got his XBox stolen a few weeks and nothing happened. So I decided to share it with Steti, and then we decided to pay beer to everyone with it(Since then, we started to give it back to people expressing the desire to do so). With the help of a few friends, I went around questionning, aware that I wouldn't find it. But I insisted quite loudly on the fact that I would just like it to "show up" somewhere, and I wouldn't try to find who did it.

11am on Christmas day, Francis came to my room and told me he found it under a couch cushion, quite far from where I last left it. My FM emitter was broken, but my music, most of which I didn't bring the CD version to Banff, and all my contacts were safe. Explanation: Somebody stole it (it was plugged, it couldn't have been displaced by accident accross the room...), hten either felt bad when he/she discover to whom it belongs, or most likely, got frighten to get his/her ass kicked by more than 20 people. Honestly, the reaction was impressive and I'm thankful to have such good friends. The thief was most likely one of the 20 or about strangers that wander around with not more than a thin connection to people living at our place (Friends of friends, of sketchy friends we might add, since we have some idea of whom might be responsible)

I think that's a long enough post for today. Time to get out of here!


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