Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Yeah...another great night in Banff...Did I say it was time for me to leave?

Ended up in jail on Sunday night. I had a warrant that dated back to August when I got a ticket for drinking in the public domain (I took a sip of a beer I was holding for a pal who was peeing...he didn'g get anything). I've been dumb, I forgot or decided to ignore the ticket and, well, they got me almost litterally with my pants down, while I was pissing in a backstreet, while waiting for my poutine to be ready(It sucks, I already paid for it, even asked the officer if I could bring it in...of course the answer was negative...so I let it to a couple standing in the alley)

Anyway, the RCMP officer was pretty nice (I guess, because I was too) but he had to handcuff me and bring me to the station because of my warrant. There, they stripped me of everything that could be helpful in hanging myself, with the exception of my pants (There is a cord at the bottom of my army pants, I had to swear I wouldn't kill myself. As my friend J-S joked, I should have tried just for kicks...).

So, about the cell. Well, it's huge, far too lit, cold and obviously the most boring place you can be in. There also is no toilet paper for, well, the toilet. And they don't want to supply you with anything, even napkins!

At least I realized how practical my weight-free workout is, since I used the time to do it a second time that day. The only problem is, it's fucking hard to do those exercices when drunk.

Two or three hours later, they let me go after I promised to appear in court in the morning at 10:00AM. It allowed me about 4 hours of sleep before getting to the courtroom, hungover. For an hour, I had to listen to extremely boring bureaucratic shit whitout falling asleep or puking (They delay most of the cases to later weeks). Hard task, I survived, plaided guilty and got out of there for a nice day off sleeping.

So here I am now, last day of work, doing exactly what I planned to do today: Absolutely nothing and waste time on the web.

Tomorrow, off to Lake Louise for my first take at snowboarding ever. It promises to be very interesting, pictures assured! The day after...gone, 3 days of bus!

Time to go waste it!


At 7:33 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

oh wow, the slammer? that's kind of exciting! hope you have a way better time at lake louise!!


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