Friday, January 20, 2006


Pretty nice night yesterday! We had a great time in Calgary for a NHL hockey game between the Habs and the Flames. The Canadiens lost, 3-2, but it was still a blast. Drunk as hell, we got kicked out of the Pengrowth Saddledome after the game for trying to get on the ice for a pic. Here's the only pic security didn't erase from the encounter:

You honestly should have seen Steti getting expelled from the stadium, it was great! I took a pic and yelled that I did, so security came to me and 4 of those guys fought with me to take my camera and erase the stuff...Man, when 12 of those guys are on you, you can argue, but they'll win.

So, since I don't have that much time, I'll just post a pot-pourri of pics with basic comments:

Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. Canadiens colours. We didn't have jersey, but yet, we had the colours!

How high we were...

How high we were...part deux.

There was a lot of Habs fans.

Steph enjoying his over-priced nachos.

Drunken pic of Steti's $20 he gave me to pay for our 3 beers...It wasn't enough!

Back in the bus, proud of our exploits...

Steph drunken sleep...

Well, you know, he does taste good!

Hey, he looks like Doc Mailloux!!!

A completely awake Steti and a quite not Steph...

A completely awake Steti and a little bit more Steph...

Enjoying my Cadbury easter egg...

We then went to the Aurora nightclub to keep the fun coming. My big thing that night was to dance closely and lascively with the guys who believe in themselves a little too much in order to intimidate them. It was great, but you grow tired of their reaction. So at closing time, I started to talk with a French-Canadian hater from Manitoba and after destroying all her poor argumentation, I decided to go look for my departed friends. I ended up there:

How? Good question...

The party continued back home, but I didn't take any pics. Last thing I did was to take a shower at 4:30AM, quite a bad time to shave your head...There was a shitload of blood on my pillow this morning...Who wants to sleep with me?

Okay, time to go watch a few movies. Just before leaving, I just want to plug my new blog, Treeplanting screefs. I plan to get a lot of treeplanters to post on their experience, feelings and ramblings about the job. So if interested, just email me!

Allright, time to go drink some water.


At 1:04 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

always wanted to be booted from a stadium, AWESOME! ha ha. sounds like you had a great time!


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