Friday, January 27, 2006

Tupperfan's days off

Called sick for the last three days. I'm not really sick though, the first day I woke up late while I was supposed to open. Got in the street and realized I was far too drunk to work, so I came back home and puked for most of the day. You see, we all drank mostly hard liquor for Rémi's last night before going back to Montréal. Here's a few pics from that night:

Okay, let's name them all, from left to right, first row: Marie-Michelle, Tania, me and Valérie. Second row: Mélissa, Rémi, Alexander(Zan), Marc, Xavier and Stéphane.

Marie-Michelle and Rémi. For once, Rémi doesn't look the most wasted on a pic. Here's an exemple:

But others got completely wasted quite early, the time of this pic is 11:39PM. Oh, and warning: It's gross:

Quite the party, I was too drunk to take further pictures. Got a pretty nice massage by two girls that they owed me since I did the all the dishes for the whole front part of the staff residence. It didn't go too far, but it was still great.

So, the next day, I didn't feel like going to work, so I called sick again. Had a good time doing nothing, getting high and writing a song about the hotel with Derek. Then, the night came and it was Australia Day! So to honour them, I got wasted! But I was a little disappointed by the Aussies' "infamous" party habits...Anyway, thanks to my friend Matt, I was able to stay in Hoodoo's night club well after closing time, watching staff cleaning while we were still getting drunk.

Then back home, we kept on drinking, decided to crash an after-party, but there was none, just like a private party or someting and they didn't want us there...I thought, because I was so wasted drunk, that they wanted to kick my friend Matt out, so I went back home, woke people up and gave them golf clubs. When we got to the street (the party was accross the street), I realized it might be a little extreme so I gave my club and decided to go look for Matt alone. He got out of the house at that moment, unscathered...of course!!!I was totally freaking out because of my drunken dumbness.

Anyway, it was funny but a further proof that it is time for me to get out of here. Today, I called sick again, just because I was still hungover, but mostly because I didn't feel like working. So, procrastination is the word of the day. Will try to go play hockey tonight.

What's the plan for tomorrow? Well, it's the last day of work of the week, and my penultimate one, so I'll go, but to keep this week's tradition going, I plan to do as little work as possible. Punk yeah!

Other news: Applied to university again! Third time will hopefully be a charm. I surprised myself, I was the first one who thought he was done with school, as recently as 2 weeks ago. But visiting basically every university website in Canada to post jobs for the hotel made me rethink of the thing. Yes, I have plans for the future that don't involve studies for me, but what if they fail? I need a backup plan, just in case. It's not a pessimist point of view, just a realist one.

So I applied in teaching at the Université de Montréal. First choice: French as a second language. Second: Social universe in secondary school (geography, history, economics in High School). Third: French in High School. So it's cool, following my mom and maternal grandmother on the teaching path, something I know I'll love doing and a pretty good backup to a writing career. And the two months off in the summer are pretty cool too!

Did I tell you I am not staff accomodation manager anymore? Yeah, I told the security guy to fuck off because he got into my room to take my Trek pipe...again! He opened the door while knocking, which I never allowed him to do and then he said the pipe was coming with him. I basically yelled at him without standing up for ten minutes while he was standing in the door frame, not daring to get in. Then I told him I was sick of those endless deaf discussions and told him to leave and close the door behing him. He didn't get my pipe nor my pot, he closed the door but he wrote a report. My boss removed my responsibilities. Cool! I'm leaving anyway! The General Manager of the hotel, Bernd, actually asked me "How was the smoke?" My answer: "Pretty good, thanks!"

So enough rambling for a day, time to go do nothing!


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

wow. i wish i could call in sick to work and not get fired! you're freaking lucky. i'm glad somewhere out there someone is getting good use of some sick days!


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