Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tupperfan's guide to fixing your iPod

A few days ago, my iPod died. It just stopped working, probably from the numerous times I dropped it on various grounds, at various speeds. Here's the infamous "Tamagochi" image (the expression came from Stephane, the image from somewhere on the web...) my iPod was giving me because I didn't give it enough love and attention (I'm cynical here):

I know what you all want to ask at the same time: How can you fix that? Here's the solution:

Step 1: Throw iPod on the ground, not too strongly, you'll break it definitely, not too weakly, it won't do anything and you'll think it is broken definitely.

Step 2: Repeat step 1.

Step 3: Look at your iPod. Wow, it works!

Step 4: Appreciate your good work, go brag about it to everybody around and think of how bad it would have been to cross Canada in a bus again without music. Of course, there would be books, but you grow tired of reading after 56 hours...

That's it, didn't have any other choice, I tried everything else that didn't involve sending it for repair. Besides, Apple being the kind of company that will make you spend a buttload of bucks on their shit when they got their hook on you, I'm glad it's fixed without any money spent to repair or buy a new one (I know, I'm addicted to a gadget. Just one thing to say: There is no way I'll plant trees again without music, can't stand those noisy bugs anymore. And housekeeping without music is...repetitive to say the least).

But Charlotte made me feel bad with her recent rant about men playing with their iPods while women are working like bees (I guess the comparison is accurate, male bees are known to be the best procrastinators ever, living just to get laid...once). So here's my official statement: I never "play" with my iPod at work, except when duty calls me to the washroom (I'm fucking good at "Parachute"!). I listen to it (like right now), but that's it. When I want to waste time at work, I blog. But again, I will always make sure every work-related job is done before doing so. The hotel is dead right now, everything is taken care of and I'm gone in 2 weeks. Guilty? No. Needs to justify my behaviour? Apparently so. Care? Nah.

So, yeah, taking the bus again, the 6th time and probably not even the last time I'll cross Canada that way. I don't really have the choice though, as said previously; Too much stuff, some illegal drug-related paraphernalia, a lot of time to waste and I'm cheap.

Had fun yesterday night, nothing worth writing about, it was the usual, but better than usual.

Time to go be clearer...and keep the procrastination going!


At 6:09 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

listening to an iPod is NEVER a bad thing. It's PLAYING with your iPod while you are supposed to be working, or training someone that bugs me.

and yet, even when doing the above said offense, i still couldn't be "bugged" by you matt! you are from canada after all!



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