Thursday, February 16, 2006


Well, actually, it should be "change", since there is only one.

I changed my montage pic, was a little tired of the old one and I thought a little warning wouldn't do any harm. As for the picture, well, I like it. If you're offended, I think there is something like 20 million other blogs on the web.

But if you just think it sucks, feel free to let me know...And I'll feel free to do nothing about it. ;op

Other news, I went to pay my admission fees at the Université de Montréal today. The weather was not helpful, took me three hours back and forth, for a trip that usually takes 35 minutes...Barely made it to the registrar offices, they were closing at 4:30, got there at 4:26. I still had time to pay, but it would have been frustrating to make the long trip for nothing. One thing done, just have to wait to see if I'm accepted.

I was reading Charlotte's blog and then side-tracked to David's old blog. The guy is often leaving comments on Charlotte's blog and he's also featured in her favourite blogs. The guy's blog became a problem when an "ex-friend" found out about it and basically broke havoc! David eventually started to post under a different address, but it shows the fine line one blogger must walk when blogging about his/her personal life. There is four ways of avoiding that situation:

1-Censor yourself. Don't post on everything, or don't post on the subjects you know might be controversial.

2-Don't tell your aquaintances, family and friends about the blog existence, or just don't tell it to everyone.

3-Don't give a fuck about who might read your shit and therefore, don't limit yourself...Then try to repair the damage when and if it happens by:

A)Telling the offended person to fuck off.
B)Issue an apology

4-Don't blog. If you need to confide, write in a journal with a little lock or buy a pet. I think you might try to talk to a friend too, but choose carefully.

As you might be aware, I chose option 3.

That's it, nothing else to report I want YOU to know.

Time to go my bed.


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