Monday, February 13, 2006

Shut Up!!!

The title was intented for my use only...Okay, some people would probably need the suggestion too, but I was talking to myself.

This might be a problem. When I post, I usually write to myself. Yes, I know some friends are reading, I usually write thinking there is somebody reading (After all, I wouldn't have to explain things as much, since I'd understand)...but I never put a face on who's reading my shit other than myself(A "myself" a few years in the future would be the best image coming to my mind. Hello "me" from the future!). I usually write stuff because I have fun doing it and I bother people enough in my life as it is, so here, I try to bother myself, and bothering other people is on a voluntary basis, since they have to visit my blog to get bothered.

My point is, I sometimes write stuff that end up offending people. Sometimes, it's a little surprising because I didn't know those people were even reading, knowing the address or even knowing I was blogging. It's the case with something I wrote yesterday. Me and the person (Jee, don't laugh) talked about something and I thought we reached a conclusion, but it might still have been premature for me to write on the subject. Anyway, I felt like I had to write something about it, but I should have seek more closure on the topic with the person before posting. Here's my apology. Sorry.

Yesterday, I saw my longest-standing friend, Mat (more than 17 years now Mat!). Picture please? Nope, not anymore. Sorry, but my friend wins over one anonymous internet blog reader every year.

So we met at his place and he showed me a few videos he made, edited with great skills and really entertaining. We smoked a little bit of hash and then went on getting more ideas for movies we'll do this summer. Around 10:30PM, he told me that one of my brother's childhood friends, Jonathan, who became Mat's friend, was bartending for the first time in a downtown pub, the Sir Winston Churchill. So we got there, Mat got pretty drunk and we also met two girls. One of them, the world being so small, knew one of my Banff friends since they were both from the same eastern Québec town, Sept-Îles. So, Stéphane (hope you'll remember that), when you'll see Mélissa, just ask her if she remembers Mylène Maltais, she's the sister of Nicolas. She says hi, and I say she's cute!

So the girls invited us to go to another bar, a mostly "hip-pop"(it's a blend of pop and hip-hop, you know, that kind of Top 40 clubs...) club. We said we might join them later, since I was still busy drinking my free water-pitcher (I was driving) and Mat, his Xth alcoholic beverage. We then decided to go to the club, the Vatican. The cover was quite high for a Sunday, $12, but Mat being generous (and drunk as hell) paid for both covers (I paid back later in drinks). The girls were not in, the cover might have been too high, and instead went to their other option, the Tokyo Bar (all evidently not the kind of places I usually hang at...I first recommended the Café Chaos , but the girls were quite frightened at the prospect...)

So we stayed at the Vatican because the world got smaller...again! One of the barmen was Anthony, a guy who went to Banff 3 years ago with his friend Rémi. Both of them met Mat there. In april, a week before leaving for treeplanting, I met Rémi and trained him to replace me as houseman (it was a failure) but we were both wondering at how much the world is small when we realized we both knew Mat. Upon my return to Banff, if you've been reading me for a while (or if you're me from the future!), you'll know that Rémi, along with Stéphane was one of my closest friends there and one of the three infamous supervisors. So you can imagine when we all realized we knew related people...again! We got a shitload of free drinks, along with others we properly paid for and Mat was by then completely wasted. I got away with only a few half-drinks, nicely customized for my needs by Anthony...and of course a lot of water! When we got out of the bar, at 2:15AM, I still had the intention of going to the Tokyo bar, but judging Mat's state, I decided to call it quit and drive him home. He was quite succesful at making no sense, with the exception of "stop the car", which I understood...just in time for him to puke through the opened door of the car. Nice!

I dropped him home, helped him upstairs and to his room, took a few paper towels to wipe the "liquid" off my mom's door and then realized I lost my iTrip, my iPods radio sucks, but I guess I'll have to buy a new one later. Fucking gadgets!

So that's it for today, time to go look for a job!


At 12:05 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

wow, that was an exciting day!


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