Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Where to start?

Well, I didn't go snowboarding at Lake Louise. We got too fucked yesterday and, yes, honestly, ski and snowboard just don't interest me. Been skiing before...mah. I guest it could have been different with snowboarding, mostly in Lake Louise, but I just preferred sleeping this morning...

So it didn't happen, nothing else to say about that.

But, it was a great day yesterday for two reasons:

-1.I'm officially done with working at the Banff Voyager Inn and Spruce Grove Inn!

-2.We did shrooms last night!

Before getting there though, I had a thought I want to write down before forgetting. We easily doubled our life-span in part thanks to the shitloads of chemicals and the medical technology we use, and we are affected by a shitload of other chemicals and nocive emissions of any kind in our daily lives. Then if we doubled our life-span, but are also absorbing at least twice the shit our ancestors were. And if we're a much higher number of humans on Earth than we ever were (Unless they prove Altanteans existed and they had a global civilization...What am I talking about? Back to the subject!). Then the human body itself, thanks to the sheer number of it and its high chemical content, is an incredible polluant! But then, you cant shout: "DEATH TO ALL HUMANS" because you'll pollute even more and nobody will be there to clean up (Unless Extra-Terrestrials do exist and they were around all these years waiting for that moment...What? Again?).

Then, what do you do? Humans, stop polluting yourselves!

Okay, time for a pictured account of yesterday! Last day at work:

WARNING: I got a little extreme on this pic, thanks to my 10-seconds delay and the fact I was closing the housekeeping department for the day. Discretion is advised, but it really should me mine...Can't believe I'm posting that!

(buffer zone)

No comment, despite my wide-open mouth...(My god! I'll find myself even closer in searches for KIDS + ASS in hebrew...Don't know who's searching for that, I don't know the background and I hope it's a "lost in translation" thing , but you should probably STOP THAT NOW!!!)

Now, to the mushrooms trip pics. They were not very strong(the shrooms, not the pictures), but we laughed a lot!

We were starting to get into our trip when Matt got into the house, screaming, with this bear(arms fully articulated)

At first, it was intimidating

But then, we got along pretty well with it

It got completely wasted (we faked vomit with ketchup, salad dressing, parmesan cheese and it really smelled like REAL one!)

And then, it abused our hospitality(We wanted security to wake it up, but Matt left with it before)

Marie-Michelle enjoying a six-pack holder. She also loved the empty juice jug!!!

Bathroom party! We were all laughing at the bear puking!

So that's it for today, or actually yesterday. Tomorrow I'll come waste my last 45 minutes of internet cafe time and post one final Banff post.

Before leaving, here'sa final picture, for everybody that lived at the 426 cougar BVI staff accomodation. Here's what behind that famously locked door in the basement:

Time to go do stuff to talk about tomorrow.


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