Sunday, March 26, 2006


So, last post was a little cryptic, no?


Yesterday I saw some of my Banff friends, AGAIN! Marie-Michelle just being back and Jérôme, who arrived last week, made the trip from Québec City to Montréal for the weekend. So, a Banff party in Montréal, AGAIN!

I ended up dancing on stage just for the kicks of it, mostly dancing with guys to intimidate the ones we didn't know and for careless fun with friends, AGAIN!

Probably also to draw attention, AGAIN!

After a while, it became a game between Marie-Michelle and Laurence to see where Jérôme and me would go. They were on the dance floor, doing moves, and Jérôme and me were on stage, so we were obviously more exposed...

We ended up kissing...french-kissing that is!

So I french-kissed a guy, AGAIN!

I have no problem with that I came to terms with my sexuality a long time ago and it doesn't arouse me in the smallest way (I'm not saying it couldn't, just that it never did). I also just find it funny, mostly seeing people reactions. But there is another positive aspect: It works like a charm on some girls! A latina girl came to dance with me on stage. She got good rythms and, hum, wandering hands. I actually never saw her face (only profile, since she was butt-humping me...can you say that?) and after a while I grew tired of it. Being on stage with those huge spotlights also made it too hot, I was sweating like a pig! Besides,the girls in my group were hotter and I was just not into meeting, hooking up and making out with girls (Guys were apparently another matter).

I had a Cosom Hockey (Hockey played in a gymnasium...not to be mistaken with floorball as Wikipedia seems to do) tournament in Trois-Rivières, about an hour and a half from Montréal. It was organized by UQTR's (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) recreology students whom body of students includes my friend (and ex-ex-girlfriend) Carolyne. She organized our team, made of great people, but we were missing a few ones and some other teams were just better than us. We lost our first two games and won the last one, but it wasn't enough to pass the preliminary round. I had fun though. Great organization, merci Carolyne!

So that's about it for the weekend, did nothing today, was a little sore from the combination of activities done on the previous day and I just felt like not doing much. Getting old? Not quite yet...

I have a sudden urge to play pool. The problem is that I would have to put clothes on, invite friends, get out of the house, drive to a pool hall...stuff like that.

Do I have the will for all that?

Time to go look where I could have put it...


At 11:49 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

LOVE it! you sure know how to have a night out!


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