Monday, March 20, 2006

Banff in Montréal!

Okay, well, first of all, I'll say it bluntly: My job sucks. But I'll endure since I'll be leaving in a month, right after being done with training, hehehe!

Pretty busy weekend! On Friday, St-Paddy's day, I had a reunion with a bunch of Banff friends. As you can see on the following pics, most of us are back in the "Belle Province" (Salut Tania, Marie-Michelle, Steti et Xavier)! So here are the pics, for "old time's" sakes!

Déjà vu...From left to right: Laurence (She went to Banff after I left), Valérie, me, Steph, Francis, Tanya, Rémi, Étienne...

"Freshly back from Banff Stéphane" and his birthday brother!

Just for fun, let's try to redo an old Banff pic...

...and let's try it again when Rhyms is pissed drunk as he should (This pic, contrary to what it looks like, was taken a few hours later...)

Classic Rhyms after making room for more beer (The stuff in got out by the top)...

The on and off and on and off and on and off couple: Étienne and Tanya!

The guys: Part of my head, Frank, Étienne, Rhyms and Steph

Frank and Rhyms kicking it old school...right...

Lau and Val. :op

Rhyms struggling...We tried to take a picture when he was asleep, but he kept realizing our intentions and fleeing.

Val and me. Guess who DIDN'T fuck! Refreshing! ;op

So that was my Friday. My Saturday was busy driving Val around (She's gone to Australia now! Bon voyage, mademoiselle!!), eating at my aunt (My mom's sister), which was great since I haven't seen my cousin (she's taller than me!) and uncle for years. It was followed by a midnight hockey game organized by my dad. My brother successfully ditched us at the last minute but it allowed me to steal his equipment, mine being...derelict. I felt so heavy on the ice for the first period and a half, I kept burping my amazing Thai food for the whole 1 hour 40 the game lasted...but at least at the end I felt like I was getting my moves back. It was also nice to see some paternal-side uncles and aunts I haven't seen, again, in a while (It was definetely family day!) but it destroyed my Saturday night. Good thing I guess.

So that's it for now, I'm leaving you with this nice "interdget"(Tupperfan's Dictionnary: Interdget: Short for "Internet Gadget". Characterize most of the stuff you'll find on the web.)

Time to go create more dumb words. And time to go sleep I guess...


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