Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yay, I'm officially a member of the "Fired for Blog-Related Reasons" Fraternity!



Well, all of you reading this blog (and basically everybody that knows me) know that I hated that job. It was just a little too boring. Nothing against the trainer nor the boss, but the job itself was not very...challenging. And I knew it, the bosses warned me. But still, I needed a job.

Of course, it didn't help that a few people in the "class" were putting on my nerves big time, but I was still working well in class, learning and getting good results in tests.

So on Tuesday, while on my break at 3PM, I'm going to the washroom and I'm practising my calling script since I'll do an exercice after the break. Instead of the standard: "Good afternoon, my name is Tupperfan with ADT security services, I'm calling because we received an alarm signal at 123 YOURSTREET...", I wanted to say: "Good afternoon, my name is Tupperfan with ADT security services, I'm calling because we received word that this job utterly sucks and I'm getting the fuck out of here!!!" .

I was daydreaming, I don't think I would have done it...yet. After all I need the money. But then, when I was about to come back in the room, the trainer told me to go see the boss and bring my belongings. You have to agree that you don't expect to get a raise and a new position.

Usually, I'd have felt small in my pants, but this time, I really just didn't care, so I smiled. Besides, not to brag, but there isn't a lot of stuff intimidating me anymore, except maybe for a girl I would like...

While I got to the office, the boss told me to sit down, offered me coffee and said he'd be back in a few minutes, so I decided to read a book, Collapse, by Jared Diamond (It's my book selection for March, read it, it's great!). When he got back, he said: "We have a problem, do you know what's this?" I couldn't refrain a laugh: He was showing me pages from this blog, with this one on top! It was seriously funny!

Yes, I was blogging at work, despite knowing they were monitoring all internet activities. I just didn't care as the boss said. But I never blogged or used internet while working, only before class, at lunch or while on break. Of course, the content of the blog and a few emails I sent told them I didn't plan to stay long under their employment, so they had to take action. As the boss said: "I feel a little cheated, but I understand why you did what you did (That is, get hired by them to leave a month and a half later...), but you have to understand why I have to let you go."

And I do, it's not because I was abusing the system that I'm against it...At least not that part. He has a business to run and I'm not profitable to him, I was just wasting his money.

He also said he thought of keeping me, but it was just a bad business decision and I had to agree. He told me he warned me about the job being monotonous and to call him for a job if one day I wanted a permanent one (weird, but nice). I thanked him and told him it was unlikely, I had other plans.

When I got out, it was beautiful outside, sunny and warm! I smiled, chose a great song to listen to and walked to the bus station, feeling like a free man.

My mother was worried, she was upset that I sabotaged myself that way. But I've never been of those people thinking a job was the main reason to live. Besides, there is always something available when you're competent and willing to find work.

Today, I got a new job, minutes away from home and it'll do it until tree-planting. It's a grocery job, I'm used to it and it's physical so I won't be bored...and there is no computers so no chance to get caught blogging! ;op

Time to go enjoy the great weather...and find somebody to get drunk with tonight!


At 9:38 AM, Blogger Jay rants...

Well, if nothing else, that's an original way to get fired.

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Tupperfan rants...

In the end, isn't it the reason why we all get fired?


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