Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Tupperfan's guide to [Insert post-related topic here]

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[Insert optional bad joke here...(can be repeated as often as necessary)]
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[Insert post's only relevant commentary here(optional)] Have you ever felt like you're talking too much? Like you talk, babble, yap incessantly, saying nothing but stuff not even worth shit? That you talk too much about yourself? I do. Of course, that's basically what I do every time I post on this blog!

But blogging is different. I mean real conversations. I hate it when I feel like I just talk about myself. The worst is when you're conscious of it, but no matter what you'll say, it seems like it's about you, again! Not that I don't listen, just that I should shut up and let others talk! Well, I guess some people make me more comfortable than others, but I feel like shit monopolizing attention...If any of my friends feel like that, you guys should tell me to shut my fucking mouth!

[Insert conclusion's bad joke here]

Time to [Insert smartass comment here]

[Insert post-publication addendum here] EDIT: This was my 100th post! I realized it only after posting. I think it was the perfect 100th post: The personal comment was relevant to my reasons to blog (and talk about myself) and the form was a parody of my typical posts. Okay enough talking about me for a day...just kidding!


At 10:31 AM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

happy 100!


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