Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It wasn't my best day ever...

Nope, it wasn't!

Well, mostly in regards to the wonderful public transportation that, how shall I put it, "plagues" Montréal suburbs. Nothing to say about the island of Montréal, but the sister island which is known as the City of Laval (the official name, for geography afficionados is Jesus's kinf of useful later in this paragraph) has a deficient system that made me use most of the religious profanities proper to Québécois French (As specified in this Wikipedia article about profanities and in this one, more specific to the Québec ones, as it is almost elevated to an art-form here!)

So, yeah, back to the point!

I had a hard-time getting to my new job this morning. Despite planning my itinary in advance thanks to the wonderful tools offered by the STL (Société de Transport de Laval) and STM (Société de Transport de Montréal) websites, I still got to the Montréal junction a little bit later than planned by the machine and I therefore had to find another way to finish my trip to work. I probably should have waited for the next bus on the same line, but decided instead, against my better judgement, and my guts, to take an alternative route that, of course, made me awfully late. Being quite ashamed of being 30 minutes late to work, I decided to go back home instead.

Then I realized it was a bad move and called the office. They told me that if I could make it for the afternoon, it would be great.

So here I was again, at a corner where two different bus lines are going to the same terminus. Of course, they are only a few minutes apart and then, nothing for an hour! So I'm waiting at the bus stop of the earlier one, the #70, but the other bus, the #27 is there before, on a different street corner. While I'm running to it, waving, and not more than 10 metres away from the bus stop, the driver nods to me and drives by...Fuck you! Osti de câlisse!!!

I then go back to the #70 bus stop, but being worried that the bus might have been, like the other, in advance, I look at the schedule and realize I've been fucked. I then run again to the other corner to look at the #27's schedule, again, the next bus is an hour later...While I'm looking at the unreliable piece of shitty paper, the #70 drives by in my face...Shit! Tabarnak de sacrament de crisse!!!

So basically, the #27 was 5 minutes in advance and the #70 was 5 minutes late!

Fucking STL!

Then I got back home, hoping my mother would come back home for lunch as she usually does, to pathetically drive her loser son to work. She didn't came (She did, but much later...). I tried to call her on her cell, the battery was dead!

Talk about odds against you!

So I called the guy at the office again. He empathically said it wouldn't be a problem for me to show up tomorrow, but it's the last chance. Tomorrow is a whole new day, hopefully!

So, to finish this post on a positive and light note, here's my reply to Charlotte's comment about my previous post:


"mmm. all 20 somethings look HOTT in suit and tie. all."

Thanks! But I still won't do your taxes! ;op

Time to go fill MY tax report and... get ready for tomorrow (I'll probably take the bus tonight or something, to be sure)!!!


At 12:00 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

lol! well fine! ;)

hope the rest of your week works out!


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