Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Casting Call!

Been quite busy...

Not at work: I was supposed to start my new job on Monday, but I got injured Sunday while playing cosom hockey. With less than 2 minutes in the game, and our team leading by a mere goal, I twisted my ankle. Went on the "bench" for a minute and came back to finish the game. We won 5-4.

To keep on the bench theme, I later went to my friends J-S' place and we watched the downloaded screener of The Benchwarmers. It was hilarious, but it might be useful to say than me and J-S, when together, will laugh at the most stupid shit...

It was only the following day that I realized I couldn't walk and therefore had to call my new boss to report my first absence. Not even been paid for a minute of work...

No, I actually have been busy in regards to my webcasted sitcom, "Colocs". (Roommates in English...actually, in "English", it would be Flatmates)

We found a place for our casting at the last minute this weekend, it's a little coffeshop that gracefully agreed to lent us his backroom for no charge. In exchange, we bought a little more than a dozen coffe and muffins for the actors showing up. a big thanks to Sylvain from Café Des Bois.

The casting is Thursday and I can't wait to see a few faces and talents!

So the weekend had also been busy modifying a scene for the casting, emailing info for the actors, replying to all the questions, making casting appointments for everybody and all other details. My friend Mat Ouimet, the producer, was quite busy with his real job so thankfully I was off-commission for two additional days!

But it's done, we just have to see who will show up, hopefully everything else will go smoothly.

Time to go to bed, I'm planning to work tomorrow, despite Doctor's orders.


At 1:33 AM, Blogger Jay rants...

I love that you could finish the game with your injury but no go in for you first day of work! That takes class!

At 7:07 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

good luck with the casting! at least try to get someone who looks like me, since i can't afford to get up there and try out for myself ;)


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