Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's never too late to celebrate...

...the International Ball Dropping Day!!!

Wow! The idea originates from Miss Jay who got me hooked to her blog by commenting on mine (Note to self: Stop reading 20,000 blogs a day and get a life, your blog is starting to get boring!!!)

I've never been a fan of the scrotum nest. Of course, it's a dual defense mechanism:

1- When it's cold: To keep your spermatozoids alive. The same way it usually stays away from your body: To make sure it won't be at the rest of your body's warm temperature.

2- To avoid unnecessary pain when...hum...banging. Pain can be good, but balls aren't exactly bells. You can't ring them too many times!

But honestly, the upward sack doesn't look good, it feels strange and sometimes it seems like the balls are trying to get in!

But they are also more vulnerable, in some strange way: Yes, it might prevent you from hurting yourself, but if the girl (or the guy, but it's less probable because he'd know about it, I'd imagine) sees the ugly bag, she'll be curious to touch. At this very moment, your balls look like a prune, and they look like they could take a beating, so the girl (or the guy... you got it, right?) kind of forgets about the "handle with care" part and just grabs with the full hand like it was a hacky sack!

Ouch!!! Why not a try an inside kick followed by a clipper stall? What about the teeth?

Ahhhh!!! No!!!

Okay, I guess I'll stop this blog with this image well printed in your mind.

Biting the teabag!

Time to go show my blog to my mom...


At 12:38 PM, Blogger Jay rants...

I have learned so much that I might just be sick to my stomach now. :) Thanks for that.


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