Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Update

Another weekend that went in the "pretty interesting" category. Here's a brief glimpse at the menu:

Friday evening: Back to teenage years (including: hanging out in the basement, the drunk kid who leaves, only to stay alone upstairs in the dark, the couch, the other drunk kid, bitter at large with women, repeating the same rethoric for hours to a...hum...non-receptive crowd) Great night!

Saturday afternoon: Cabane à Sucre (Maple shack)!!! I introduced some english-speaking friends to the classic (and sometimes cheesy) spring-time tradition of the "cabane à sucre". And they had the industrial shack full-service: From the small farm to the most frightening museum ever (would be great on halloween though...), passing by the damn little cars on track, the train and the fire truck making an inferno noise (in the middle of the woods...but it's for the kids!!!). It wouldn't change inside, where we were treated to the wonderful traditional meal that guarantees you to fart for at least 24 hours: Beans, pea soup, maple ham, maple sausages, omelettes, cretons, pancakes...I love it! We then witnessed the horrible line-dancing on every imaginable song.

The best thing about the sugar shack: Maple taffee on snow. The only thing that could stop me from serial eating those would be either puking or a diabetes attack...Got away with it again!

Not sure it was the case for the two kids that my brother and me convinced to go for the record..There is parents somewhere on the north shore of Montréal who are scorned for an horrible night of nightmares and puking their kids had thanks to two unethical brothers!

Saturday evening: Then, I brought my brother Olivier and his friend Philippe to a party with another bunch of Anglos. I officially knew two people there, treeplanting friends. But one of them, Geoff, already left by the time of our arrival so I just knew Jen at first. Nevertheless, it was a good night, the people there were funny and nice and the appartment itself was just gorgeous, with a beautiful view of Montréal's downtown. That's proabably why I've chosen this neigbourhoud, Saint-Henri, as my first choice for a new appartment in July/August. And I am happy to report that bro and bro's friend had a good time too: My brother had only good words for his Ping-Pong opponents! (the female ones...)

If there was a negative aspect to the night, it was to be constantly stalked by a girl exactly 10 years younger than me (to the date)! I mean, 16 years old!!! It was not only an age question, I was not going there to hook up with a girl (It wasn't the case for Phil, but that's another subject...), let alone a kid! But damn she was sticky! I tried to make her understand without being an asshole, but it didn't look like it was ringing a bell so the final solution was to avoid and flee. Funny night! Thanks Jen for your hospitality! Great friends, great boyfriend, great appartment, great party!

Olivier, I wrote stuff in your booklet, I'll need the pages, no matter how stupid the writings might sound...

Sunday afternoon (you'll notice there is no morning...they don't exist in Tup's weekends): Beautiful afternoon by the majestic Saint-Lawrence river, under wonderful weather with a stunning woman. It got colder by the end, but I think it is mostly getting warmer, overall.

Sunday evening: Cosom Hockey game in my friends' league. I was replacing a friend and it was again a pleasure! You could feel the chemistry between J-F, Yannick, J-S and me. J-F and Yannick played forwards and J-S and me were holding defense positions. J-S usually being an offensive player, he was a sort of third forward and those three guys scored 15 goals!!! My job was basically, being a lifetime defenseman, to make sure the other team wouldn't have any opportunity to do the same and to get the game back in our opponent's zone as soon as possible. Mission accomplished. We won 17-2: Our line scored 15 goals and none were scored against it. A +15 ratio in one game...not too bad!!! My offensive production was limited to one assist, but it was a pretty nice one I'll say in my behalf. (Can you talk in your own behalf?)

But I have to say kudos to our goalie, Jonathan, who despite not being seriously in danger at any time during the game, made all the key saves and some damn impressive ones! Way to go Jon!

That's it for the weekend update, time to go imagine my week's life!


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