Monday, July 31, 2006

Is There a More Indecent Word Than the Word Decent?

A decent essay by Tupperfan

Really, is there a more indecent word than the word decent?

-When you say you've got decent marks: You basically barely passed, didn't you?

-When a meal is decent: You won't ask for a refund, but you won't go back to this restaurant, will you?

-When a date was decent: You think it was fun but you didn't get laid. But mostly, she won't call back, will she?

-When you say somebody is decent: That person isn't really interesting, but not a monster either. Is he/she?

-When you say your President is decent: He didn't do much for the economy or for you, but at least he didn't start wars. Did he?

-When you say a country is decent: You usually think of Canada, don't you?

-Or as a US state: Vermont.

-When you think of a decent night: You're talking about watching TV, don't you?

-When your parents tell you to get a decent job: They abandonned their dreams of you being a Lawyer or Doctor, didn't they?

-When you say this post is decent: You'll read it, but you won't really comment, will you?

It makes you a very decent person.

Here's some decent pics of my decent new appartment, before we actually moved most of our stuff:

Brother posing in front of the building while talking on the phone. Note the typically Montreal stairwell on the left, leading to our appartment.

View from the front balcony.

View from the back balcony.

Bro at ease while I'm painting (And taking pics...I was waiting for a layer to dry!)

Parts of the living room and kitchen.

The living room from the kitchen.

My HUGE room! Yes, those are milk crates, got a pretty neat idea for them, since the space is limited, you know.

Allright, I'll try to show you pictures of what the place looks like now soon. I think we did pretty well with it, but I'll have to wait until the cable guy comes to post.

Time to go to a friend's cottage!


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