Thursday, July 27, 2006

While in Hearst...Do as the Hearst...ers do?

I know I said I'd post most stolen pics, but the following ones are mine.

Here's a few pictures from my last week planting at a different camp, not too far from Hearst, in even more Northern Ontario, but not quite Northerner or Nothernest Ontario.

Pretty cool pic of a lightning bolt on our way to Kapuskasing. Our night stop before getting to camp.

The mess tent and the permanent pond. A mess, litteraly.

View from the mess tent. Yes, quite the view.

Nice! We had to set our tents either in the mud by the road or in a site logged a few years ago and full of logs, branches and vegetation.

Jeff Norman and the assistant cook. Please note the bread crates keeping us on relatively dry ground. Here's the exact conversation:

Norman: Can we have seconds?

Asst.Cook: When we'll be sure everyone had some.

Norman: Can I have some...NOW?

Seen in the bus.

Lukash(A.K.A Polish Luke) and Butler at the cache, ripping apart those damn jiffy trees. Please note everybody "caching" in the background.

Butler showing me the "cigarettes can kill you" label on his pack. What you see in the background can make you kill yourself much faster...

Not sure about which one looks the best. This one?

That one?

Or maybe this?

Probably this one.

Auto-portrait. Yes, I'm wearing longjohns...

I was trying stuff, okay! This is actually a re-enactment of a first year picture.

First year picture, in Fort McMurray, Alberta

The trees look huge beside the bus! Well, they are.

Done, beer time!


Last guys. Can we get the fuck out of here now?

Trying to show you the damn mosquitoes out, and IN my tent on the last night. There was much more.

In the train washroom, between Timmins and North Bay. Don't throw your syringes in the garbage!

Dispose of them here! Must be quite a problem...


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love love love love love the pics! can i have some now? ;)


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