Friday, August 11, 2006


Well, again, I didn't post for a while. Sorry, but I was away at a cottage, and I didn't have neither phone or internet at my appartment this week. Got everything installed today. Finally!

I have a shitload of pics to show from my week at the cottage and from Xavier's méchoui (where I was able to see a few Banff friends). I also have pics from my cousin wedding a few weeks ago and from my tourist-in-my-own-city experience, so I guess I'll have to be selective. I'll start with the most recent series of pics, Xav's méchoui, in St-Jean-Baptiste, the wonderful farmland stuck between hills and mountains to the south of Montréal. By the way, a méchoui is basically a big party where you eat a roasted pork and a shitload of corn-on-a-cob.


From Left to Right: Laurence, Tania (with her trade-marked pout), Marie-Michelle, dog's ass, unknown guy, roasting pig, Steti, Frank and a bunch of strangers.

Frank, Steti and Stéph.

"Ahhh!!! It burns" yelled Tania.

Tania almost looking like she's tall...

The Volleyball/Campfire area.

Tu tires ou tu pointes? Stéphane playing pétanque.

Bunch of people playing the untranslatable, typically southern-French sport. To make it more cliché, we drank some pastis with it.

And before I got to Xavier's place, I stopped in nearby Beloeil where I used to live when I was a kid, in the 80's. Here's two pictures of my old house, the "1134, rue des Pinsons", now definitely inhabited by old people:


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