Friday, September 15, 2006

Dawson College Shootings

There's not much more I want to say, all has been said and the medias sometimes actually abused the subject as a cash cow.

My thoughts are going to the victim's, but also to the shooter's families. As one comment at Dawson College reads: "For the victim who died on september 13th 2006, and the shooter that died long before."

A girl in one of my classes had a friend whose sister was injured during the events. They couldn't reach the parents, so the girl was always calling her friend, not knowing what to do.

I'm quite pissed at the medias, TVA mostly (The damn Quebecor Media empire and its news trinity: Sex, Sports, Blood, the three S' in french: Sexe, Sports et Sang). Their anchors almost sounded like they were proud that the news went worldwide and that their helicopter got exclusive images.

Motherfuckers. I HATE TVA! Seriously. Populist TV at his dumbest.

And then, I have to say I'm sad that the shooter couldn't go over his grief and anger that probably resulted from his teenage years. We all go through a lot of shit during those years and most of us get stronger and wiser from those experiences. Some, sadly, for various reasons, don't actually recover from this stage of their life. It seems that their problems become so big that they cannot see the world around them without seeing it in relation to themselves. It becomes all about them. They stop caring about others. They disregard other human lives . It's "them" as a undistinctive whole against "me".

And then, reality blends with nightmares, with projections, with the revenge they always dreamt about. Feeling good could happen only if they actually do the worst-case scenario. It becomes their only way out of their sufferings.

On Trekweb, I asked why it always happen in school (The three major shootings in Montreal in the last 20 years were all in colleges....) and I got an interesting answer:

BellaOxmyx said:

You ask why is it always the schools? I suspect it's because schools are fundamentally a hopeful place. You're getting an education to advance your future prospects in life or just better yourself. And there's a big social aspect to school as well. If you feel there's no hope for you and that society has been cruel to you, then I suppose you'd be drawn to the school to inflict pain on all those who have it better than you do.

Here's a few more pictures from downtown. They were taken a block away from Dawson College, one day prior to the shootings.

The old Montréal Forum, ancient home of the Montréal Canadiens. It is now a huge AMC theater and shopping center. Disgusting.

A girl crossing the street towards Atwater metro. The following day, people would come running in the same direction, from the right of this picture


Laundromat. I used to go there whan I was living with Amy.

A sex shop, Sexe Cité, which in french means both "Sex City" and "to get aroused". I just like the colours...Okay, I also like sex!

Back east, the Place Ville-Marie main building.

Same building, reflected in another one.


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

wow. the pictures are awesome, and the answer to your question is thought provoking. what i wonder is how people in the US can look at Canada and say, "they have strict gun laws and it school shootings happen there too." but you have three major shootings in 20 years and we have 20 major shootings in three years. what is wrong with americans.

i guess we can't be all that bad. kids start shooting up schools in first grade here, you guys don't start until college. at least american kids are ahead somewhere.

sorry, that was a horrible "joke".

At 10:38 PM, Blogger Tupperfan rants...

Thanks for the pics comments.

As for the joke, I find it pretty funny ;o)


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