Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why Won't You Post?

Not your fucking business!

I've been procrastinating.

Well, not anymore.

I got a job! And I'm starting school this week! But I must admit I've been quite lazy with my bloggings.


So, I got a job. What is it? Well, I'm cleaning houses. Yep, I'm a housekeeper.

Right now, I'm mostly helping my mom with her customers but I'm starting to get customers of my own. The cool things: I get paid $15 an hour (no income taxes...), I choose my own schedule, I don't work weekends and evenings and I work on my own most of the time. The bad part: I have to endure my mom rants, mostly in the car in between clients, but it's not that bad.

Man, a schoolteacher and a student high school teacher cleaning houses...No further comments.

Anything else? Not really. Well, yes, there is, but it's been so log since I seriously posted about my life that it seems like it would take a long time to explain. Besides, I'm lazy.

Here's afew pictures from this summer. I'll try to do this for the next few days.

Cousin Dominic and his new wife Manon getting married (You would never have guessed, right?)

Dominic, Manon and their lovely kid. (I don't remember her name!!!)

The Notre-Dame-de-Varennes basilica in Varennes.

At Stéti's b-day party in his hometown of Montmagny (3 hours east of Montréal): Frank full of mustard, making a mess in Stéti's bedroom...

This was round one, with shaving cream. We're actually trying to help Frank: Shouldn't be falling asleep this early in a party, no matter how bad the sausage/girl ratio is.

Stéti, Frank (pissed to be awakened), Stéph and Pat.

A great poutine variation at the Bel-Air restaurant in Montmagny. Chicken salad and sweet peas, along with the regular fries, cheese and gravy. Loved it. Had two in a day and probably gained 10 pounds and lost 10 years of life expectancy...

Beautiful farmland on our way back from Montmagny. In the background, you can see the St-Lawrence River, Orléans Island and the Charlevoix mountain range.

Another one with one of the shitload of churches scattered around.

Narrow streets in Montmagny. This is the main street, the building on the left is not much wider than this. Some streets were so small, they wouldn't even be considered as backstreets elsewhere. We called them baby streets...

Okay, enough for today, next time I'll post pics from my little week away at a friend's cottage.

Time to go to bed...early...on a saturday...and I' looking forward to it!

Strange...I might be pregnant.


At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

Wow, you've had a full summer, i'm jealous!


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